Friday, May 16, 2008

Commentator on Duty

i finally got to watch the thomas cup! the semis of malaysia vs. china. for 1st singles was world no. 2 - chong wei from malaysia vs. world no. 1 - lin dan. it was a very controlled and careful fight. chong wei was in top form and he was unbeatable! he kept on playing on the offensive and so, lin dan had no choice but to play defence. i missed the first set because i didn't know RTM decided to air it. only found out when karjie told me. chong wei won 21-12, 21-14. it was a beautiful match. next up was kien keat-boon heong vs. fu haifeng-cai yun. it was a VERY bad performance, especially by triple K. mistakes all the way. three quarter of the first match, i gave up on them and went to do tuition work. without a shadow of doubt, they lost. i missed the second singles choong hann vs. chunlai. but sadly, the malaysian bowed out. second doubles was a smashingly good game. fairuzizuan-zakry vs. zhongbo-zhengdong. they played against each other for the first time and although the chinese pair towered over them (zhong bo is 188cm tall), they were not shaken. these young pair just smashed their way on to winning the match. 5++ smashes in a row... insanely good. third singles was hafiz vs. chen jin. chen jin who is supposedly really good i haven't watched any matches of his went on to smash hafiz out of the game. i believe that is they sent the veteran team, tan fook-wan wah in second doubles, we could've had a better chance of winning. sigh... i'm so sad. =(

wow. that was a very long commentary.

anyhow, exams. today's papers - math obj., est 2 and history 2. well, okay... it was manageable. guess what? we have to resit our math 2 paper! pn. lim set the whole paper according exactly to the asrama schools' trial paper, which, coincidentally, was given to some of us as an exercise. how could this have happened? after all, the ketua panitia checked the paper. it's just stupid. so unfair to us. i didn't realise that i'd done it before anyway. i just thought the format was almost the same as SPM 2003 math paper. blur me. XD

band practice just now right after steven. i had to eat dinner in the car all the way to church. i'm so rusty. well, i guess the whole band was also rusty after not touching our instruments for ages. so, the practice dragged on till 10:30 pm. i was so sleepy and tired but we kept replaying and replaying i adore and everything that has breath. shao wen is... singing. singing?!?! yup. he is. the main worship team will be away on retreat tomorrow but i didn't go, so, it's like all of us bidan terjun.

qivin left just 3 hours ago. i will miss him, i guess. my 'sort of' mentor. farewell!

i can't wait to start on debate. woo...

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