Friday, May 9, 2008

Coffee Nights

i'm back after almost a week! hectic week, foul moods. blablabla. symptoms of exams. i've officially thrown add math, history and moral into the drain.

i've finally cut my hair after many postponing but it looks pretty odd now. aiks.

guess what? all my medication went poof! gone. i brought it to school because i need the pritaren and i have to eat the other at regular intervals. but then, it just disappeared. i was so upset on tuesday night that i couldn't sleep - the night before exam. i searched in school, asked around, to no avail. started the day on a bad note and it went on in the same way.

ooo.. i might go take undang during hols! cool, cool, cool. i can't wait to drive. but my birthday is still so far away...

HELP debate octos. we really need help. the motion is something about making developed contries pay environmental tax. what is environmental tax?!?! we tried finding info but none. who do the countries pay it to? the UN or what?

anyone with news on IIR... updates, please!

anyway, i'm pretty washed out. i overslept and missed dinner - 7pm to 2:30am. woke up suddenly and studied all the way till 5:30am with the help of nescafe and woke up at 6. so... i'll be going to bed now. night.

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