Thursday, May 1, 2008

Chocolate Smarties

ok... when i got back from tuition, we finished coating the brownie with thick chocolate sauce and decorated it with smarties and stars. finished doing it only at about 11:30. supposed to study but then, we went to sleep. zzz

oh yeah... i forgot. we finished painting the banner on tuesday. but when we were supposed to finish it by the third last period, the wind blew and the whole tarpaulin banner flipped over and so, CHOP... one side on the other. our hearts... all broken. but we managed to clean it up and do everything up nicely. but it just wasn't the same. we finished up 1 whole big bottle of turpentine. and we needed some more. crazy. here are some pics...

before the wind destruction and the background

the best pic i got with the background before the wind thing.

the artists. (note: nikki's not in the pic 'cause she's taking the pic)

aftermath of the wind: the messed up one

the cake we baked for kar khan. looks yummy huh?

so yeah... we went to mcD this morning and met up with kar khan, weng hong, sum, philip, wayne and steven. after singing happy birthday with the small fake cake, they smashed it into his face. fortunately, the candles were extinguished unlike the event of shao wen's birthday this year. ouch.

not that i expect more. any double meaning?

i just didn't know what to say... sorry.

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