Saturday, May 31, 2008


okay... i'm on for band tonight. feeling uneasy with the fast song selection but hopefully it'll turn up well. badminton just now was pretty... AIYO. couldn't play very well. even mr. lee said, "last time you could do it but last week didn't come, now can't already." better brush up quick. i'm missing 2 things that i really wanted to go for this hols - the perak youth tourney and centralised training. well, actually there's no point for me to go for the training anymore as my stint for MGS is over.

looks like i won't get the phone anytime soon anymore. mom said to wait till after SPM. aaa... that's half a year away! and if they depend on how my results are, i don't think i'll ever get one in the end. people with phones as 'chapelang' as nokia 2300 should be happy with what they have. i just depend on mom's nokia 2300 and the house phone. sigh... dad can buy some cekap sony ericsson for karjie but can't even buy a 'chapelang' RM 100 one for me.. *sob*

i can't wait for tomorrow! i'll be shooting off to taiping with my 3 buds for 2 days of pure fun! it took a lot of effort for us to work this out. yeah... i'll be missing youth's water games but oh well, i think i'd enjoy myself with 3 close friends rather than 50 people.

ok... got to makan now... practice starts in a short while. i'll only be back on thursday or friday after visiting my grandparents. so long!

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  1. hey..dont be sad because u dont have a phone..because having a phone is another distraction..u get wad i mean?


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