Friday, May 30, 2008

The Best Thing

i can't believe that i've managed to abstain from going online for more than a week! well, it wasn't that hard... =D

what happened to HELP debate? after pulling off a fun show at teachers' day celebrations together with the form 5 prefects, we boarded a bus and headed to KL. we worked on the topic till we missed dinner. gastric attack again. we walked out in the dead of the night to get mcD and to go to a nearby CC to get info. 3 gamers there were shouting profanities like mad. every single sentence has F***. not exaggerating here. so we worked and worked and slept only 2 hours or so. phew.

the next morning, we hopped on a shuttle to HICT, Klang. i prayed the whole 1 hour journey and i was pretty burnt out. mr. yap - the big guy there had high hopes on us. it was pressure. debate time was horrible. the government kept misquoting us, contradicting themselves... ahh... it was just their style and accent that captivated the people. the teachers from ABKL were giving us this you-lowly-creature look to us... especially me as i was sitting in the audience. so, what happened? we lost for not drilling them enough which was a stupid reason because we have no supporting analysis as the entire topic is lop-sided. we found out that out of the 8 opposition teams, 7 had lost. apparently, that 1 lucky one - wesley methodist - won because their opponent set the wrong perimeter. is that not obvious enough that it is biased? even batu pahat johor lost! O.o

protests sparked up outside in the lobby. the teachers of the opposition team decided to meet with the adjudicators. REVOLUTION! catholic high, subang utama and mgs debaters became comrades in a second. it is true that problems bring people together. as the adjudicators meeting went on, protests were still going on. the result... negative. no rematch. sigh... everyone was planning to boycott HELP debates, which is a very good plan indeed.

the journey back to damansara was depressing. kitty went to stay with her aunt so that left the 3 of us. we wandered aimlessly around damansara to destress. we indulged in mcflurry, cheesy wedges, nuggets, sprite and milk and then, napped. later, we met up with shao and went around mid valley. we played bowling at the cosmic bowl which is so darn cool as it used UV lights and luminous balls. it was like a club. cool.

on the way back from HICT

destressing at KFC

clark kent wanted? took this outside mcD Damansara

our scoreboard!

we had secret recipe for breakfast the next morning. nuts? yeah... there seems to be no hawker centres anywhere nearby the residence. inside info from eugene chong he's one of the relatively young organisers we decided has good sense of fashion and hair style but if not for his eyes, he would be good-looking! we were ranked 4th most favourite team! thanks everyone who voted. the journey back... it was just krishan and i. so sad... =( but we chatted all the way and i enjoyed it. it was over and it was really saddening. my last debate ever. i loved it so much and i don't even care that i wasn't one of those to go for the trip. i wouldn't trade this experience for anything in the world. it was the best thing.

this is the best thing,
the best thing that could be happening,
and i think you would agree
the best thing is that it's
happening to you and me.

the best thing by relient k

don't you think so, krishan, navin, kit and shao?

because i haven't been on for a long time, this is gonna be long 'cause lots of things happened! i'll be FFK-ing to taiping with the trio for 2 days-1 night of tennis, swimming, eating and "waterfall-ing". fun, fun.

oh yeah... i went for badminton yesterday with my sis, sean, weng hong, philip, sum, kar khan and jin. the courts were free because it was city day week. AI-YO. i'm not in top form but it was fun. we played mixed doubles - i partnered sum and karjie partnered weng hong. we won! but it was all sum's effort because he covered the court a lot with his long legs and arms. XD then, it was philip-karjie vs. wenghong-me. we won. again, thanks to my partner's ability to cover the court. =) we had ice-kacang and food after that. yum... a nice day. then, oik? philip was at LCTan's that day. he was sitting behind chin hui and i with kar khan and dibin.

it was mel's birthday and yoges' one (i think) on may 29th.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MEL! i miss you loads.


went handphone shopping with mom and dad. a basic handphone - can SMS and call enough, thank you. we went everywhere and in the end, didn't buy anything. mom said another day. she kept asking why i want one. i cannot give any answer. she keeps thinking that i have a boyfriend. must i have a boyfriend to want a phone??? then at dinner just now, she said "we won't buy the phone for you." ahh... sob.

the nokia 2630. it's relatively cheap and it's slim.

the nokia 5610 xpressmusic. not that cheap but really sleek.

but the one i really want most is the LG Chocolate... this is crazy expensive so forget about it.

i don't think i'll ever get one in the end. until i'm working only lah...

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