Sunday, April 20, 2008

two days in one

friday, 18 april
conspiracy and betrayal.

that's what today was all about. several of us prefects managed to sniff out 4 handphones in one day. that's a record.


tip-off #1... a form 4 girl. success. an old alcatel phone.
tip-off #2... the girl told us some malay girls brought. unsuccessful.
tip-off #3... from a teacher and form 5 prefect. two sisters brought. successful. 3 handphones from 2 girls. i had to get the younger sis from the toilet. she actually fought (as in didn't want to let go) with kaiteng who pulled out the phone and i had to hold her back and block her off from kaiteng.
tip-off #4... the older sis said that the 2rd phone belonged to a form 2 girl.
tip-off #5... from a form 2 girl. 4 girls, including the sisters will be going to parade, so handphones!

the sisters' handphones were so cekap. don't ask me what nokia model it is as i don't even have one myself. *sob*

we found love letters that revealed lesbian relationships amongst several girls and several suicidal students from a diary. sigh... what is happening???

CF went brilliantly well. the video is titled kickball not open. it was good. after CF, jess and i were waiting for my mom. i think i saw steven outside school but it was too far. the guy waved, so i assume it was him. LOL.

i couldn't understand steven's jokes in canto and when he talked about extra classes yesterday. sigh... started on my sejarah using computer. interesting? i'm typing out all my notes. my studying techniques are really crazy. this is not the craziest.

saturday, 19 april
today, i woke up very late because of the late night. badminton... i must buck up! all the girls are getting to a higher level while i'm still lagging behind! played for service tonight. i went out of beat so many times! i need to brush up.
oh, the "mystery" person was steven. LOL.

LOL. my mom just said that jess and i look like twins, especially when we were walking out together from school to the car on friday. teachers and some juniors often think that i'm her also...


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