Monday, April 28, 2008


i'm so tired. woke up feeling extra blur this morning. we had to paint the banner again. i had to leave a few times - first because maria wanted me to stay in class for math and second, because pushpinder wanted to see us debaters. it's not that i wanted to leave but some people just don't understand. when chin hui came to 8, there wasn't much i could do at that time because everyone was already doing something so, i kinda chatted with her. and once again, some people don't understand. if you have a personal problem with me, don't bring it into work. just say what you don't like about me in front of me unless you are cowardly. it's really sickening, this silent treatment at all. i knew that getting myself involved in this banner thing was a bad decision. sometimes, don't know how people can go to church, say they love God, but treat others unlike what they preach and learn about. hypocrites.

muscle aches from all the walking and a pounding headache from lack of sleep. i just slept like the dead when i got back from school.

oh yea... yesterday, when we were in the bus, there was this young indian couple sitting in front of us who were behaving so indecently. the guy kept on whistling although we were in a confined place! it was so annoying. they just couldn't get their hands off each other and even kissed! talk about X-rated. and there was a kid sitting with his mom next to them! eew.

i can't wait for the 24th of may. HELP octofinals! we must get into the semis. the prizes are superb. 1st prize is a handphone (i want this!), a webcam, an MP3 player, RM 5000 for the team, rostrum and printer for the school, RM 9000 scholarship in HELP, challenge trophy, certificates, gold medal, etc etc. but it's gonna be tough if we meet schools like DU and DJ. i'll be praying this whole month! can't wait for after mid-term where we can truly sit down and discuss. XD

i really just don't feel like painting the banner anymore. go get your certs and hamper . i just don't care anymore.

i'm just so surrounded by internal affairs... politics.

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