Monday, April 14, 2008

monday blues

what a day.

we started morning prayer late because the clerk never opens the office early nowadays so we can get the upper hall key. latecomers' duty at the passage but no one came late. contact time for teachers. i ended up rounding the school with jamie. i remember in the not-too-distant past where jess, glenna and i will go together. jess and i will confiscate liquid papers like mad and we'll try to dump glenna secretly in her "favourite" class. no more. fullstop.

we had the 3 free periods brilliantly free as pushpinder and maria were out of school. krishan and i took to "bullying" kay lynn to find out her sum si. kay lynn's not so innocent! recess was dull as always. bio was sleepifying as always. during sejarah, ashikin had Q&A session. i wasn't very much in class when she taught chapter 3 and 4. but i shoot and phew, it was correct. kay lynn and i went to key in the demerits again. haha.

add math tuition wasn't so boring. darren was in a good mood i think so he told us some stories. we were laughing at him most of the time and not him (well, me..) because he was so choked up with laughter that his faced turned tomato red and the veins in his head were about to pop. some story about cadavers in med schools. haha.

got a long day tomorrow. tuitions and tuitions. the form 3s are having an exhibition on traditional games tomorrow. i may just drop by and play...

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