Thursday, April 24, 2008

laughing gas


we've been approved for HELP. just when i told dad i won't be going. oh well... that's probably good news. mrs. lee gave us four a long solid lecture about how we should be submissive to helena and that no hanky-panky is allowed. LOL. i'll just be so absorbed in the debate that i won't even bother to do such things. the motion - THIS HOUSE WOULD TRUST TEENAGERS TO DECIDE IN THEIR EDUCATION. we're the opposition against seri cahaya, selangor. i think shao wen will be going. dunno. we'll be leaving in the afternoon by bus. so, no add math for me.

the draft for the sunway banner has been approved! we've just begun working on the tarpaulin. MGS beat SMI in the zone level choral speaking competition today. more WAJA papers. argh.. i hate it so much.

skipped BK today because of the celebration. by the time 5 of us cleared up, clara and i were 1 hour late. so, we, glenna, clara and i, hung around the school... well, in our old form 3 classroom, and we began catching up with one another as we've been in different classes since then. it was so fun as we were all so 'high', just laughing together and teasing glenna about her darling andrea. XD haha.
i wish we could do it all over again.

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