Saturday, April 12, 2008

i need a dream interpreter, JOSEPH?

i didn't do so well this BK test... =( we had BK in the physics lab today. philip and shaowen were very interested in the way our lab stools sway.

today i was feeling amazingly refreshed in school as i konked out in bed very early last night. oh yeah. i had very REAL dreams for the past 2 nights concerning things i really care about. first was about that stoopid 800m race. they decided to have a rerun. i was pitted against 5 school athletes (they were mostly sprinters) and 2 other girls. when i ran, i didn't feel any fatigue and i ended up getting 2nd place. i was so happy and i was asked to join athletics for long-distance. the atlethics teacher was scolding mr. cheang for not letting me to participate earlier, otherwise i could have joined the team much earlier. the medal in my hand felt so real that i woke up wondering whether it did happen. well, lame dream right?

second was a dream about how both mel and yi li came back to school for a visit together. we hung out together and we were all so darn happy. it was also near mel's birthday so we celebrated it. gosh, i really miss them. =/

did a spot check after a long time. turned out with nothing.

BK postal quiz was today. i just shoot and left for CF. then, we took the bus to town for my first lesson with steven. we ate late lunch at yik foong and i ended up belanja-ing chin hui. adelyn and i scoured the place and then we went back. managed to do some homework while waiting. i could und what he ws teaching so it was good for a first lesson. he talked cantonese though and i'm a banana. but i could und! i learnt lots of new canto words today. XD

i seem to be doing tags a lot these few days. but here's one.

tagged by phui yan
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names.
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

1. i think too much most of the time.
sometimes, it's to the extreme. seriously.

2. i'm not very good at chatting face-to-face with new people.
er. i guess it's been proven a gazillion times.

3. i like doing things that not many girls would do.
i'd rather do sports, outgoing things, carpentry... things like using electric drills and hammers with dad. not many girls like carpentry in school.

4. i observe the people around me a lot.
a habit i picked up when i was a quiet transfer student in form 1. i knew almost the whole form 1 girls' names by just observing... nametags etc. i know people's feelings from their faces etc. it's crazy but yeah...

5. i don't believe in this "foster-foster" thing.
it's just an alternative of having a boyfriend minus the X-rated stuff. people say, "oh, can care about another what...". if you wanna care through this foster thing, might as well foster all the girls in the school. that's why i don't have one and i'm not sore about it.

6. whenever i feel down, i pen down all of my thoughts.
the nearest piece of paper is my first victim. my "feeling down book" is just an exercise book.

7. i almost had an "imaginary pal" when i was 11.
i remember feeling very lonely then because i was alone in the morning session. secretly, i wanted a small dog to keep me company. of course, i don't do that now. when i see karjie sms-ing *ahem* into the night, i wish i had a friend (and a handphone) to keep me company when i'm up late at night.

8. i like listening to movements of water.
i love the beach especially. the sounds of crashing of the waves and the foaming of the water is so therapeutic. i can just sit there the whole day. and the wind's another thing. i'd like to live near a beach. (tsunami!)

i tag:
karjie, sab, jo ooi, sandra, nyit yi, ka yee, jillian, yee san

what a long post. tomorrow's GB concert so got to sleep now. got a severe back pain... =/

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