Sunday, April 27, 2008

HELP Debate - false premonitions, shocks, blackjack and paprika

we reached puduraya at 6 and took 2 LRTs and hailed around 10 taxis just to get to HELP. we had dinner only past 10 pm. we prepared for the debate till it was really late and kitty and i just dozed off.

debate day! the exhibition debate by UIA was actually quite poor and boring. ZZZ we got ready and we went to the lecture room to blast seri cahaya. they seemed good as they had the accent and all. they even had a gwai lou speaker. but they weren't good. the first, kailaish kept "umm...", second - nigel - showed his irritation during POIs and had a 'sore throat' attack and the third, emilie... i just couldn't understand. however, we only won by a 2 to 1 decision. the chief judge, a UIA debater, didn't support us. and we met mr. cheang's nephew. nice guy. some guy kept giving me weird looks and when i pass by, he seemed to want to say something. it was weird. his team came today but he wasn't there. don't know what school also.

SMI lost in the first round to penang free school. we were so shocked. they did so well in contrast to free school. no one clapped at all. shao wen won best speaker without a shadow of doubt because he did so well. how can it be? SMI gunned down every single point brought forth by free. i felt so bad for them. sigh.. means they won't be around during octofinals. min jie spoke very well for a first-timer. good job!

we met up with shao wen, min jie and kave at pizza. kave thought that shao wen and i were cousins because of our similar names. kononnya, we look alike wor... then we went back and slept. we spent the whole night till 4 am with these 3 guys as they helped us with our debate, esp. kave. THANK YOU! it was so fun. kave and shao wen were playing wtih my donkey and krishan's bubu. haha. shao wen was so hyper. eat maggi mee, drink coffee. called me room service. =.=" as our motion was THIS HOUSE WOULD IMPRISON WOMEN WHO SMOKE DURING PREGNANCY, they started talking about how many children kave would have and whether he'll allow his wife to smoke etc etc. it was crazy. haha. shao wen has weird similes. "ears red like paprika", "21 children... blackjack". i'd do anything to rewind time back to last night.

we were up against sri KDU, a private school. it was a tough fight as they claimed that the opposition was supposed to debate according to the government's definition. rubbish. they said the "imprisonment" should be rehab which changed the whole thing. they also said that it should be voluntary and women can come and go whenever they want. they also mentioned it as confinement. but confinement is posing a restriction so they were blasted on that. when is imprisonment ever voluntary? in the end we won, 2 to 1. the "1" said that krishan was too passionate during her reply speech so points were deducted there. wert...??? but don't care. we're in the octofinals against aminuddin baki, kl. they're good and unfortunately, we made friends with them. argh... this is gonna be so hard. we must win to get into the semis and at least walk home with something. it'll only be at the end of next month so we're roping in SMI to help us out. XD hopefully they can come to kl with us too.

i'm so excited for the next round. we might even go there by train! i'm gonna pray so hard that God will favour the MGS team, or rather the perak team as we are the only perak school left in the top 16 out of the previous 64 participating schools. got to sleep now... really burnt out.

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