Sunday, April 6, 2008

greaseless gears

when i'm supposed to be in church for MYF, i'm in front of the comp... sick again.


yup, sick again. it's amazing how i can get well from the puking thing to getting sick again from a flu. life is so beautiful.


missed navin's birthday bash... =( badminton yesterday was... umm... smelly. they were repainting the hall. breathing in the toxic fumes, i dare say that 10 of my nose cells and brain cells die every breath.

ACS won the rotary debate but i would have prefered SMI to win. no offence, ACS-ians. didn't get to go because of karjie who said, "i'm sooo tired." so, i didn't get to see shao wen debate. aih... oh yeah, we might have a study group for form 5's in the church library every sunday morning after BM service. see how it is with shao wen first. then maybe lunch together, band practice, MYF... dunno.

feel like eating a nice big pizza and drinking scalding hot soup, some nice thin potato chips with salsa sauce or hot, crispy french fries with tomato sauce and a cold milkshake...


gotta sleep again. i'm on a dosage of cough mixture and chlorpheniramine. all the sleep-inducing drugs.


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