Wednesday, April 9, 2008

getting my gears moving

ok. i'm finally back in school. feeling much better but my nose got triggered a lot when i entered the chemistry and physics lab. i felt like an absolute idiot in classes today. so lost!

first badminton club meeting is tomorrow. sigh. so unprepared because i was absent. i made an announcement over the PA system today! my second one in 4 years++. HA-HA. sesat. i guess we'll be doing some footwork which will be lame because no one can actually follow. sweat.

wasted my time at the passage. not one soul came late from the primary school gate. anyway, there were lots of thing that i noticed by doing duty there for the first time...

#1 the roti canai uncle, mr. robert (i think), cuts banana leaves for his putu mayam from the banana trees from over the fence.
#2 primary school girls are often late to assembly because they buy fresh bread from mak cik mariam (?!?!)
#3 the passage stinks but not as bad when it hits 8 am.
#4 teachers come to school VERY much later as compared to us at about 7:30 am.
#5 primary school girls are rather nosy. they're always trying to get a peek at my latecomers' clipboard.

don't und chemistry chap. 2. what, chemical compounds? horribly long names for one compound.

oh yeah, steven the add math guy has accepted me after my school mates played on his guilt conscience. haha. redemption in add math? hopefully.

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