Tuesday, April 15, 2008

game fest


i should be studying my head off but here am i. this is terrible considering the fact that mid-term is just around the corner. i seriously believe that i'm losing my hair, judging from the amount of hair i see in my comb.

there was a traditional games fest in school today by the form 3s for their civics. we, one gang of form 5s went and we attracted crowds to the 'galah panjang' booth! haha. we played so ganas that everyone was laughing. we also played 'kabaddi', an indian traditional game. again, we were all so ganas. we seniors plus nyit yi and alison attacked the other team with our strategy plan. haha, poor julia cheah. she kena real badly. we won in the end and got some sweets. then tuition. the guys behind us were so noisy i felt like telling them to shut up. i think LCTan was annoyed also.

i finally got to eat my french fries!

no physics tuition today. XD that's why i'm here.

maria told us about some district level marching competition and rangers' were selected to go as they won during sports day. i'm undecided whether to go or not as it is so close to mid-term. it's a whole day affair and i think maria wants us seniors to go as the marching team is majority, junior guides. don't know. i'll see how it goes.

oh yeah... a cute pic from sports day. XD we 3 victoria girls in our "WHOAH!" pose and 3 cavell girls in their "bell" salute. may jet the crab! i'm holding the RM 200 envelope prize for victoria!

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