Thursday, April 24, 2008

fishball debt

one more disappointment and i'm ready to rip out my hair clump by clump. guess what? we can't go for HELP debate. i was looking so much to my last debate of my schooling year but then... it is no more. sigh. no thanks to the school. i won't mention names but i could murder all those who caused this ruckus to ensue. i sacrificed the ranger's marching because of this. i didn't bring my blazer because i washed it in preparation for it. all for nothing. so, yes, i will be going to steven this friday.

we had to take some fake pics for some documentation about the rotary. the reenactment looked so lame.

krishan's not even speaking and i'm being a nerd with the so-called short dict.

rotary team 2008

my team and deb's team got chosen to do the banner for the sunway college teachers' day banner competition. mrs. lee called us on the PA system today. LOL. the 12 x 4 ft. banner didn't look so big after all. i'm excited to start work on the tarpaulin.

badminton was... tiring today. played with deb and she tried to clear her "debt" of fishballs to me. haha. after a long time, i played ganas-ly with kai qi, so i'm aching now. the victoria celebration party will be tomorrow. so, i've gotta skip a part of BK because i'm obliged to go.

argh. i want a handphone so badly and i want to learn how to drive. heck, i'm form 5 and i'm depending on my mom's handphone. sigh. even the cacat-est one will do. =/

although exams are approaching, i can't seem to part from blogging! XD i wanna go out. a simple outing... movie? a meal? but everyone's so absorbed in studying. i guess i am too...

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