Monday, April 7, 2008

the fine line

i went to dr. revin's last night for an examination. well, i was fine, nothing serious. he looked amazed when i could tell him what medication i'm taking. ^^ he asked me to come back if i get high fever because it could be dengue.


not now... but i don't think so.

lot's of homework to finish but i'm still resting on my lazy bum. sigh...

if you think we people from science 2 have it easy, you're wrong. in fact, i think it's right for me to believe that we're all at the fine line that separates us from being a nerd and not being one. i think i'm balanced. proof? i want PJ! that Photoshoot Wednesday, i think many of my classmates hated me at that moment and wanted to pulverise me when i insisted that we head down for PJ. they'd rather coop up in that stuffy classroom and do add math! sports is the only thing that keeps me in sane mind (other than blogging). heck, we look carefree, but are we truly? that's all just a facade. teachers compare us to the first class and that's pressure. so, who says we don't have pressure? the word "CAREFREE" only caters to little kids. so, get that mentality that sc2-ers are CAREFREE out of your head. why do you think i'm sick now if we were so CAREFREE?

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