Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Brownies & Tiramisu

i hereby declare today a holiday!

i skipped school to study and to get more rest. i don't about karjie whether it was for studying or to plan kar khan's birthday celebration tomorrow.

i woke up late and then followed her to parade where killed two birds with one stone. she bought kar khan's present and i bought chin hui's birthday present. it's her birthday today.


we bumped into so many people. MGS girls an teachers. oops. we also bumped into vincent and henna tan who found out the truth. oops again. haha. we headed to intrico where we bought ingredients for kar khan's brownie and then to yohan to buy a "fake" cake for him and a tiramisu for chin hui. after that, jusco! we had a meal of pizza and got some other stuff.

we just finished preparing the batter and now, the brownie is sitting in the ovenette. the house is filled with chocolate smell. yum yum.

tuition later at night. a very interesting chapter up - support and locomotion. tomorrow's chemistry... got to wrap the stuff for chin hui.

signing out...

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