Thursday, April 3, 2008

body breakdown

haih... MGS lost to ACS in rotary. the debaters from ACS were jagrah, krizun, wai keong and mohammad adnan or something like that. ok... not being a sore loser here but our dear mr. secondspeaker of ACS had quite a large ego the size of ipoh. when comments were opened to the members of the floor, i repeat MEMBERS OF THE FLOOR, he still wanted to argue with people several decades older than him. not to mention he had facts wrong about winston churchill. i believe our points were stronger but they had more style and tonnes of sarcasm. heck, it was a friendly debate. don't have to go insult people by saying, "i think my opponents need hearing aids" or "my unfortunate opponents".

while all my friends are at school burning their brains out, i was at home all along sleeping. yesterday, after a hectic series of photo sessions in the sun for the school magazine, some crazy headache attacked my head like a hammer made me feel like puking. thanks to the edi-boarders, they took me to the PR. it was bad. :/ anyway, karjie came and adelyn and anna helped carry my stuff to the car where i slept most of the way uncomfortably. got out of the car and puked... into a plastic bag. :/

mom thinks i'm so exhausted from all the schoolwork, i guess like a physical breakdown from stress gua. so she let me skip BM and bio tuition and even school. argh, BK class gonna start in 5 minutes time! i wonder whether mrs. ting's giving back exam papers... they took class photo today... sad, i won't be in the pic.

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  1. Actually, the second speaker's points about Winston Churchill were absolutely correct. Please do some research before criticizing. But I have to agree with you that there was no need to say "You need glasses" or "You need hearing aid".


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