Sunday, April 13, 2008

The "Best" Moments in Life

okay, i've no idea what i'm doing here as i still have work to do but yeah. i've been getting severe shoulder and back aches these few days. don't know why.

played for youth today. my vic firth's are quite badly injured already since i got them from qiv last year (or was it this year?) when timothy got back from US. anyway, i'd like to play till these sticks break. use them real good till they wear out. then... new sticks!

shao wen led our CG and i have to say that he did a great job and so did jason, our new CG co-leader. we went to the garden terrace for some pre-dinner snacks. chit-chatted with jess, nyit yi and shao wen. shao wen won some lame bet and went off to eat his reward. nyit yi didn't want to drink the pomegranate juice i got for her! i had taught some impromptu drum lessons till 7. if i were to work harder, they could play some worships songs during youth soon. they got to play with sam's guitar students, so it's good for me also as i get to teach them the dynamics. thanks, sam!

someone sent me this mail, i'll be adding comments in black:


1. falling in love probably not, because there is such thing as dumping and being dumped
2. laughing till your stomach hurts depends on what you're laughing at
3. enjoying the ride down the countryside i'd agree with this
4. listening to your favourite song on the radio who's as sad as this? there's such thing as CDs and limewire
5. going to sleep listening to the rain pouring outside when there's no thunder
6. getting out of the shower and wrapping yourself with a warm fuzzy towel weirdo
7. passing your final exams with good grades passing and doing excellent are two VERY different things
8. being part of an interesting conversation it's nice but not exactly the best moment in life
9. finding some money in some old pants yup... the best
10. laughing at yourself sweat...
11. sharing a wonderful dinner with all your friends haven't done this in a long time
12. laughing without a reason sweat... again
13. 'accidentally' hear someone say something good about you haha.
14. watching the sunset sunsets happen everyday. we live in the kinta valley, sunsets on the horizons are hard to see anyway.
15. listening to a song that reminds of an important person in your life wouldn't classify this as the best moment
16. this number was missing
17. feeling this buzz in your body when seeing this 'special' someone seeing but not being with
18. having a great time with your friends this is what i want... :/
19. seeing the one you love happy agreed
20. wearing the shirt of a person you love and smelling his/her perfume eew, yuck.
21. visiting an old friend of yours and remembering good times
22. hearing someone tell you "I LOVE YOU" cheesy

sometimes, forwards are so cheesy. like this one. gotta go, finish up my homework and most importantly, SLEEP.

adieu for now.

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