Thursday, April 3, 2008

back to the daily grind

ok... i'm much better now. can't stay too long here though, i'm going to school tomorrow.

i'm lagging far behind in my schoolwork because of debate and this crazy breakdown so, gotta study super hard now! might be going to watch rotary finals. see first... oh yeah, the reserve debater's name is adlan not adnan. haha. error, error.

i'll be playing drums for the GB concert next saturday although i'm not in GB. mom says i'm so 8. haha. as usual when it comes to these GB things. practice is tomorrow so, mom had this "huh, just got well and you are already running about?" kind of face. but oh well. can't wait to play 'jump around'! haha. gonna be fun. can skip rangers meeting! woohoo!

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