Wednesday, April 23, 2008

aku budak baik, kononnya

here i am, blogging in the dead of the night after studying. been days since i've blogged. lots of things happened but i'm feeling lazy. =D

news in general. sunday = drum lesson. i'm not so sure whether my they can actually learn much from me. i'm not very patient so i just erupted into a stream of blablablas to dad after MYF. well, he's supporting me to do this. =/

HELP debate is this weekend, but there's some problem with our application. i just may not be going to steven this week. i'm really looking forward to it because it's in KL and there'll be even a mock debate by international debaters. how cool is that?

clumsy-me has just injured myself again. nothing serious but a sprained (i think) elbow that i have had for a week but it has decided to go on a rampage against me at this time. haha. badminton's tomorrow and i'm sorta looking forward to it. we had four free periods today! XD

LOL. some odd thing happened in BM class today. tengku was a bit 'high' today. she talked about how one section of the class participates in the lessons. at my section, they started shouting, "yiwen, sentimental kan, cikgu?" tengku always thinks i'm sentimental. dunno? then she crapped about how i'm a "budak baik" and the whole class especially chin hui were hard-on against her. she kept talking about when she saw me in jusco with my mom instead of my (non-existent) boyfriend and that proves i'm a "budak baik" and "muka nampak innocent". she disturbed them saying that they were "dengki" with me. i was so blur. swt. =.="

i've got to cut down on my computer usage so i may not be blogging for some time. lights out!

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