Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Brownies & Tiramisu

i hereby declare today a holiday!

i skipped school to study and to get more rest. i don't about karjie whether it was for studying or to plan kar khan's birthday celebration tomorrow.

i woke up late and then followed her to parade where killed two birds with one stone. she bought kar khan's present and i bought chin hui's birthday present. it's her birthday today.


we bumped into so many people. MGS girls an teachers. oops. we also bumped into vincent and henna tan who found out the truth. oops again. haha. we headed to intrico where we bought ingredients for kar khan's brownie and then to yohan to buy a "fake" cake for him and a tiramisu for chin hui. after that, jusco! we had a meal of pizza and got some other stuff.

we just finished preparing the batter and now, the brownie is sitting in the ovenette. the house is filled with chocolate smell. yum yum.

tuition later at night. a very interesting chapter up - support and locomotion. tomorrow's chemistry... got to wrap the stuff for chin hui.

signing out...

Monday, April 28, 2008


i'm so tired. woke up feeling extra blur this morning. we had to paint the banner again. i had to leave a few times - first because maria wanted me to stay in class for math and second, because pushpinder wanted to see us debaters. it's not that i wanted to leave but some people just don't understand. when chin hui came to 8, there wasn't much i could do at that time because everyone was already doing something so, i kinda chatted with her. and once again, some people don't understand. if you have a personal problem with me, don't bring it into work. just say what you don't like about me in front of me unless you are cowardly. it's really sickening, this silent treatment at all. i knew that getting myself involved in this banner thing was a bad decision. sometimes, don't know how people can go to church, say they love God, but treat others unlike what they preach and learn about. hypocrites.

muscle aches from all the walking and a pounding headache from lack of sleep. i just slept like the dead when i got back from school.

oh yea... yesterday, when we were in the bus, there was this young indian couple sitting in front of us who were behaving so indecently. the guy kept on whistling although we were in a confined place! it was so annoying. they just couldn't get their hands off each other and even kissed! talk about X-rated. and there was a kid sitting with his mom next to them! eew.

i can't wait for the 24th of may. HELP octofinals! we must get into the semis. the prizes are superb. 1st prize is a handphone (i want this!), a webcam, an MP3 player, RM 5000 for the team, rostrum and printer for the school, RM 9000 scholarship in HELP, challenge trophy, certificates, gold medal, etc etc. but it's gonna be tough if we meet schools like DU and DJ. i'll be praying this whole month! can't wait for after mid-term where we can truly sit down and discuss. XD

i really just don't feel like painting the banner anymore. go get your certs and hamper . i just don't care anymore.

i'm just so surrounded by internal affairs... politics.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

HELP Debate - false premonitions, shocks, blackjack and paprika

we reached puduraya at 6 and took 2 LRTs and hailed around 10 taxis just to get to HELP. we had dinner only past 10 pm. we prepared for the debate till it was really late and kitty and i just dozed off.

debate day! the exhibition debate by UIA was actually quite poor and boring. ZZZ we got ready and we went to the lecture room to blast seri cahaya. they seemed good as they had the accent and all. they even had a gwai lou speaker. but they weren't good. the first, kailaish kept "umm...", second - nigel - showed his irritation during POIs and had a 'sore throat' attack and the third, emilie... i just couldn't understand. however, we only won by a 2 to 1 decision. the chief judge, a UIA debater, didn't support us. and we met mr. cheang's nephew. nice guy. some guy kept giving me weird looks and when i pass by, he seemed to want to say something. it was weird. his team came today but he wasn't there. don't know what school also.

SMI lost in the first round to penang free school. we were so shocked. they did so well in contrast to free school. no one clapped at all. shao wen won best speaker without a shadow of doubt because he did so well. how can it be? SMI gunned down every single point brought forth by free. i felt so bad for them. sigh.. means they won't be around during octofinals. min jie spoke very well for a first-timer. good job!

we met up with shao wen, min jie and kave at pizza. kave thought that shao wen and i were cousins because of our similar names. kononnya, we look alike wor... then we went back and slept. we spent the whole night till 4 am with these 3 guys as they helped us with our debate, esp. kave. THANK YOU! it was so fun. kave and shao wen were playing wtih my donkey and krishan's bubu. haha. shao wen was so hyper. eat maggi mee, drink coffee. called me room service. =.=" as our motion was THIS HOUSE WOULD IMPRISON WOMEN WHO SMOKE DURING PREGNANCY, they started talking about how many children kave would have and whether he'll allow his wife to smoke etc etc. it was crazy. haha. shao wen has weird similes. "ears red like paprika", "21 children... blackjack". i'd do anything to rewind time back to last night.

we were up against sri KDU, a private school. it was a tough fight as they claimed that the opposition was supposed to debate according to the government's definition. rubbish. they said the "imprisonment" should be rehab which changed the whole thing. they also said that it should be voluntary and women can come and go whenever they want. they also mentioned it as confinement. but confinement is posing a restriction so they were blasted on that. when is imprisonment ever voluntary? in the end we won, 2 to 1. the "1" said that krishan was too passionate during her reply speech so points were deducted there. wert...??? but don't care. we're in the octofinals against aminuddin baki, kl. they're good and unfortunately, we made friends with them. argh... this is gonna be so hard. we must win to get into the semis and at least walk home with something. it'll only be at the end of next month so we're roping in SMI to help us out. XD hopefully they can come to kl with us too.

i'm so excited for the next round. we might even go there by train! i'm gonna pray so hard that God will favour the MGS team, or rather the perak team as we are the only perak school left in the top 16 out of the previous 64 participating schools. got to sleep now... really burnt out.

Friday, April 25, 2008

HELP Debate update

i'm here in HELP's computer room doing "research". we've just crossed one hurdle. leaped over seri cahaya, selangor. now, a new one against KDU.
more updates! got to go print out info now.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

laughing gas


we've been approved for HELP. just when i told dad i won't be going. oh well... that's probably good news. mrs. lee gave us four a long solid lecture about how we should be submissive to helena and that no hanky-panky is allowed. LOL. i'll just be so absorbed in the debate that i won't even bother to do such things. the motion - THIS HOUSE WOULD TRUST TEENAGERS TO DECIDE IN THEIR EDUCATION. we're the opposition against seri cahaya, selangor. i think shao wen will be going. dunno. we'll be leaving in the afternoon by bus. so, no add math for me.

the draft for the sunway banner has been approved! we've just begun working on the tarpaulin. MGS beat SMI in the zone level choral speaking competition today. more WAJA papers. argh.. i hate it so much.

skipped BK today because of the celebration. by the time 5 of us cleared up, clara and i were 1 hour late. so, we, glenna, clara and i, hung around the school... well, in our old form 3 classroom, and we began catching up with one another as we've been in different classes since then. it was so fun as we were all so 'high', just laughing together and teasing glenna about her darling andrea. XD haha.
i wish we could do it all over again.

fishball debt

one more disappointment and i'm ready to rip out my hair clump by clump. guess what? we can't go for HELP debate. i was looking so much to my last debate of my schooling year but then... it is no more. sigh. no thanks to the school. i won't mention names but i could murder all those who caused this ruckus to ensue. i sacrificed the ranger's marching because of this. i didn't bring my blazer because i washed it in preparation for it. all for nothing. so, yes, i will be going to steven this friday.

we had to take some fake pics for some documentation about the rotary. the reenactment looked so lame.

krishan's not even speaking and i'm being a nerd with the so-called short dict.

rotary team 2008

my team and deb's team got chosen to do the banner for the sunway college teachers' day banner competition. mrs. lee called us on the PA system today. LOL. the 12 x 4 ft. banner didn't look so big after all. i'm excited to start work on the tarpaulin.

badminton was... tiring today. played with deb and she tried to clear her "debt" of fishballs to me. haha. after a long time, i played ganas-ly with kai qi, so i'm aching now. the victoria celebration party will be tomorrow. so, i've gotta skip a part of BK because i'm obliged to go.

argh. i want a handphone so badly and i want to learn how to drive. heck, i'm form 5 and i'm depending on my mom's handphone. sigh. even the cacat-est one will do. =/

although exams are approaching, i can't seem to part from blogging! XD i wanna go out. a simple outing... movie? a meal? but everyone's so absorbed in studying. i guess i am too...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

aku budak baik, kononnya

here i am, blogging in the dead of the night after studying. been days since i've blogged. lots of things happened but i'm feeling lazy. =D

news in general. sunday = drum lesson. i'm not so sure whether my they can actually learn much from me. i'm not very patient so i just erupted into a stream of blablablas to dad after MYF. well, he's supporting me to do this. =/

HELP debate is this weekend, but there's some problem with our application. i just may not be going to steven this week. i'm really looking forward to it because it's in KL and there'll be even a mock debate by international debaters. how cool is that?

clumsy-me has just injured myself again. nothing serious but a sprained (i think) elbow that i have had for a week but it has decided to go on a rampage against me at this time. haha. badminton's tomorrow and i'm sorta looking forward to it. we had four free periods today! XD

LOL. some odd thing happened in BM class today. tengku was a bit 'high' today. she talked about how one section of the class participates in the lessons. at my section, they started shouting, "yiwen, sentimental kan, cikgu?" tengku always thinks i'm sentimental. dunno? then she crapped about how i'm a "budak baik" and the whole class especially chin hui were hard-on against her. she kept talking about when she saw me in jusco with my mom instead of my (non-existent) boyfriend and that proves i'm a "budak baik" and "muka nampak innocent". she disturbed them saying that they were "dengki" with me. i was so blur. swt. =.="

i've got to cut down on my computer usage so i may not be blogging for some time. lights out!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

reading it makes green horns grow on my head. grr... i wish it was for me.

two days in one

friday, 18 april
conspiracy and betrayal.

that's what today was all about. several of us prefects managed to sniff out 4 handphones in one day. that's a record.


tip-off #1... a form 4 girl. success. an old alcatel phone.
tip-off #2... the girl told us some malay girls brought. unsuccessful.
tip-off #3... from a teacher and form 5 prefect. two sisters brought. successful. 3 handphones from 2 girls. i had to get the younger sis from the toilet. she actually fought (as in didn't want to let go) with kaiteng who pulled out the phone and i had to hold her back and block her off from kaiteng.
tip-off #4... the older sis said that the 2rd phone belonged to a form 2 girl.
tip-off #5... from a form 2 girl. 4 girls, including the sisters will be going to parade, so handphones!

the sisters' handphones were so cekap. don't ask me what nokia model it is as i don't even have one myself. *sob*

we found love letters that revealed lesbian relationships amongst several girls and several suicidal students from a diary. sigh... what is happening???

CF went brilliantly well. the video is titled kickball not open. it was good. after CF, jess and i were waiting for my mom. i think i saw steven outside school but it was too far. the guy waved, so i assume it was him. LOL.

i couldn't understand steven's jokes in canto and when he talked about extra classes yesterday. sigh... started on my sejarah using computer. interesting? i'm typing out all my notes. my studying techniques are really crazy. this is not the craziest.

saturday, 19 april
today, i woke up very late because of the late night. badminton... i must buck up! all the girls are getting to a higher level while i'm still lagging behind! played for service tonight. i went out of beat so many times! i need to brush up.
oh, the "mystery" person was steven. LOL.

LOL. my mom just said that jess and i look like twins, especially when we were walking out together from school to the car on friday. teachers and some juniors often think that i'm her also...


Thursday, April 17, 2008

total surrender and prayer

yesterday's PJ was fun. we were transported back into kid days. we played "aci duduk" and "chicken & fox". childish. then we played kabaddi. pushpinder wasn't in school too. we heard that her daughter's hospitalised, so we had 2 periods free. and guess what? we played "happy family". nikki brought the cards for the LIDDSOC games. those who lost and had no happy families we dubbed them as people from "broken homes" or "orphans". haha.

mano's was interesting today. we started a new chapter - locomotion & support. that's my chapter. physio. mano actually preserves his own rabbit and norwegian mice bones! cool. we had so much bone-drawing to do. we had to handle rabbit and mice scapula, tibia, femur, ulna, radius and humerus. it was so cool.

chris tomlin always has songs with beautiful lyrics. fell in love with this song.


take my life and let it be consecrated unto Thee
take my moments and my days, let them flow in ceaseless praise
take my hands and let them move at the impulse of Thy love
take my feet and let them be swift and beautiful for Thee.

take my voice and let me sing always only for my King
take my lips and let them be filled with messages from Thee
take my silver and my gold, not a mite would i withhold.
take my intellect and use every power as You choose.

here am i, all of me
take my life, it's all for Thee.

take my will and make it Thine, it shall be no longer mine
take my heart, it is Thine own it shall be, Thy royal throne
take my love, my Lord, i pour at Your feet its treasure store
take myself and i will be ever only all for Thee.

take my life and let it be consecrated unto Thee.

it's just total surrender to God. tomorrow is CF meeting. we're handling the meeting on our own. showing the NOOMA video by rob bell - open. it's about prayer. it's technically like this:

"many of us have experienced situations where we’ve prayed and it felt like God wasn’t listening. and yet other times we’ve prayed or known someone that prayed and the situation changed. does God answer prayer? sometimes, but not all the time? or does God always answer prayer and it's just that sometimes God says no? some of us are angry with God for not answering the prayers we’ve prayed for years. why did he answer their prayer but not ours? what if there’s more to prayer than just God listening and answering? maybe if we understood how Jesus prayed, our concepts and expectations of prayer would change."

then, group discussion. hopefully they'll be able to understand more and it'll work out. i pray that God will answer this prayer.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

game fest


i should be studying my head off but here am i. this is terrible considering the fact that mid-term is just around the corner. i seriously believe that i'm losing my hair, judging from the amount of hair i see in my comb.

there was a traditional games fest in school today by the form 3s for their civics. we, one gang of form 5s went and we attracted crowds to the 'galah panjang' booth! haha. we played so ganas that everyone was laughing. we also played 'kabaddi', an indian traditional game. again, we were all so ganas. we seniors plus nyit yi and alison attacked the other team with our strategy plan. haha, poor julia cheah. she kena real badly. we won in the end and got some sweets. then tuition. the guys behind us were so noisy i felt like telling them to shut up. i think LCTan was annoyed also.

i finally got to eat my french fries!

no physics tuition today. XD that's why i'm here.

maria told us about some district level marching competition and rangers' were selected to go as they won during sports day. i'm undecided whether to go or not as it is so close to mid-term. it's a whole day affair and i think maria wants us seniors to go as the marching team is majority, junior guides. don't know. i'll see how it goes.

oh yeah... a cute pic from sports day. XD we 3 victoria girls in our "WHOAH!" pose and 3 cavell girls in their "bell" salute. may jet the crab! i'm holding the RM 200 envelope prize for victoria!

there is not one day that goes by where i don't miss several people. geographical factors, time factors, while some are so close yet so far. i barely have time to spare with the people whom i'm supposedly call "close friends". sometimes, i just don't feel comfortable with certain circles of friends. sure, we can talk but that's just surface level, no depth. instead of enjoying the conversation, i feel like a lamp post and i have no clue to what they are talking. got a first bite of this during LTC, feeling it every single day. i can't count the nights i've cried just talking to God.

Monday, April 14, 2008

monday blues

what a day.

we started morning prayer late because the clerk never opens the office early nowadays so we can get the upper hall key. latecomers' duty at the passage but no one came late. contact time for teachers. i ended up rounding the school with jamie. i remember in the not-too-distant past where jess, glenna and i will go together. jess and i will confiscate liquid papers like mad and we'll try to dump glenna secretly in her "favourite" class. no more. fullstop.

we had the 3 free periods brilliantly free as pushpinder and maria were out of school. krishan and i took to "bullying" kay lynn to find out her sum si. kay lynn's not so innocent! recess was dull as always. bio was sleepifying as always. during sejarah, ashikin had Q&A session. i wasn't very much in class when she taught chapter 3 and 4. but i shoot and phew, it was correct. kay lynn and i went to key in the demerits again. haha.

add math tuition wasn't so boring. darren was in a good mood i think so he told us some stories. we were laughing at him most of the time and not him (well, me..) because he was so choked up with laughter that his faced turned tomato red and the veins in his head were about to pop. some story about cadavers in med schools. haha.

got a long day tomorrow. tuitions and tuitions. the form 3s are having an exhibition on traditional games tomorrow. i may just drop by and play...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The "Best" Moments in Life

okay, i've no idea what i'm doing here as i still have work to do but yeah. i've been getting severe shoulder and back aches these few days. don't know why.

played for youth today. my vic firth's are quite badly injured already since i got them from qiv last year (or was it this year?) when timothy got back from US. anyway, i'd like to play till these sticks break. use them real good till they wear out. then... new sticks!

shao wen led our CG and i have to say that he did a great job and so did jason, our new CG co-leader. we went to the garden terrace for some pre-dinner snacks. chit-chatted with jess, nyit yi and shao wen. shao wen won some lame bet and went off to eat his reward. nyit yi didn't want to drink the pomegranate juice i got for her! i had taught some impromptu drum lessons till 7. if i were to work harder, they could play some worships songs during youth soon. they got to play with sam's guitar students, so it's good for me also as i get to teach them the dynamics. thanks, sam!

someone sent me this mail, i'll be adding comments in black:


1. falling in love probably not, because there is such thing as dumping and being dumped
2. laughing till your stomach hurts depends on what you're laughing at
3. enjoying the ride down the countryside i'd agree with this
4. listening to your favourite song on the radio who's as sad as this? there's such thing as CDs and limewire
5. going to sleep listening to the rain pouring outside when there's no thunder
6. getting out of the shower and wrapping yourself with a warm fuzzy towel weirdo
7. passing your final exams with good grades passing and doing excellent are two VERY different things
8. being part of an interesting conversation it's nice but not exactly the best moment in life
9. finding some money in some old pants yup... the best
10. laughing at yourself sweat...
11. sharing a wonderful dinner with all your friends haven't done this in a long time
12. laughing without a reason sweat... again
13. 'accidentally' hear someone say something good about you haha.
14. watching the sunset sunsets happen everyday. we live in the kinta valley, sunsets on the horizons are hard to see anyway.
15. listening to a song that reminds of an important person in your life wouldn't classify this as the best moment
16. this number was missing
17. feeling this buzz in your body when seeing this 'special' someone seeing but not being with
18. having a great time with your friends this is what i want... :/
19. seeing the one you love happy agreed
20. wearing the shirt of a person you love and smelling his/her perfume eew, yuck.
21. visiting an old friend of yours and remembering good times
22. hearing someone tell you "I LOVE YOU" cheesy

sometimes, forwards are so cheesy. like this one. gotta go, finish up my homework and most importantly, SLEEP.

adieu for now.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

solid rock

GB concert!

it was fun. i really enjoyed playing drums for all the happening songs! i managed to pull off several songs that we've never played in church before like in the freedom and solid rock. i'm obsessed over solid rock. i love the lyrics.

There’s a rock that doesn’t move,
It hasn’t moved, it will never move,
Even though the waves come crashing down.
There’s a tower on a hill, its always strong,
It will never shake,
It was standing there before the world began.
There’s a wave that’s coming in,
Washing over this town,
it will make or break us, reinvent us,
It’s time to lay me down.

On Christ the solid rock we will stand,
All other ground is sinking sand.
On Christ the solid rock we will stand,
We’ll climb on your back,
take us to higher ground.

There’s a song that doesn’t fade,
It never fades it was custom made,
To raise the sons and daughters of this earth.
There’s a sound that’s coming in,
Rushing over this town,
it will make or break us, reinvent us;
it’s time to lay me down.

My hope is built on nothing less,
Than Jesus blood and righteousness.
I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
But wholly lean on Jesus name.
When darkness seems to veil his face,
I rest on his unchanging grace.
In every high and stormy gale,
My anchor holds within the veil.
His oath his covenant and blood,
Support me in the ‘whelming flood.
When all around my soul gives way,
He then is all my hope and stay.

When the last trumpets voice shall sound,
O then I may in him be found,
Clothed in his righteousness alone,
Faultless to stand before his throne.

it just assures us of how God is this solid base that can support us when things around us fail. beautiful.

went to jamie's house to plan the banner design for the sunway college's teachers' day banner competition, then, off to badminton.

hmm... just a thought before i go. some people were a bit fiery about what i blogged about the rotary debate. fine. blogging to me, is freedom of speech. i'm free to comment on what i want and so, you're equally free to criticise me, and i am also free to explain what i think about it later. confused? anyway, i do not see what is the problem now. i believe i am on relatively good terms with mr. secondspeaker now, so, i think that there is no need to spark up some new flames of dislike between him and i. i rest my case.

alright. i believe that's all for now. pretty washed out. night.

i need a dream interpreter, JOSEPH?

i didn't do so well this BK test... =( we had BK in the physics lab today. philip and shaowen were very interested in the way our lab stools sway.

today i was feeling amazingly refreshed in school as i konked out in bed very early last night. oh yeah. i had very REAL dreams for the past 2 nights concerning things i really care about. first was about that stoopid 800m race. they decided to have a rerun. i was pitted against 5 school athletes (they were mostly sprinters) and 2 other girls. when i ran, i didn't feel any fatigue and i ended up getting 2nd place. i was so happy and i was asked to join athletics for long-distance. the atlethics teacher was scolding mr. cheang for not letting me to participate earlier, otherwise i could have joined the team much earlier. the medal in my hand felt so real that i woke up wondering whether it did happen. well, lame dream right?

second was a dream about how both mel and yi li came back to school for a visit together. we hung out together and we were all so darn happy. it was also near mel's birthday so we celebrated it. gosh, i really miss them. =/

did a spot check after a long time. turned out with nothing.

BK postal quiz was today. i just shoot and left for CF. then, we took the bus to town for my first lesson with steven. we ate late lunch at yik foong and i ended up belanja-ing chin hui. adelyn and i scoured the place and then we went back. managed to do some homework while waiting. i could und what he ws teaching so it was good for a first lesson. he talked cantonese though and i'm a banana. but i could und! i learnt lots of new canto words today. XD

i seem to be doing tags a lot these few days. but here's one.

tagged by phui yan
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names.
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

1. i think too much most of the time.
sometimes, it's to the extreme. seriously.

2. i'm not very good at chatting face-to-face with new people.
er. i guess it's been proven a gazillion times.

3. i like doing things that not many girls would do.
i'd rather do sports, outgoing things, carpentry... things like using electric drills and hammers with dad. not many girls like carpentry in school.

4. i observe the people around me a lot.
a habit i picked up when i was a quiet transfer student in form 1. i knew almost the whole form 1 girls' names by just observing... nametags etc. i know people's feelings from their faces etc. it's crazy but yeah...

5. i don't believe in this "foster-foster" thing.
it's just an alternative of having a boyfriend minus the X-rated stuff. people say, "oh, can care about another what...". if you wanna care through this foster thing, might as well foster all the girls in the school. that's why i don't have one and i'm not sore about it.

6. whenever i feel down, i pen down all of my thoughts.
the nearest piece of paper is my first victim. my "feeling down book" is just an exercise book.

7. i almost had an "imaginary pal" when i was 11.
i remember feeling very lonely then because i was alone in the morning session. secretly, i wanted a small dog to keep me company. of course, i don't do that now. when i see karjie sms-ing *ahem* into the night, i wish i had a friend (and a handphone) to keep me company when i'm up late at night.

8. i like listening to movements of water.
i love the beach especially. the sounds of crashing of the waves and the foaming of the water is so therapeutic. i can just sit there the whole day. and the wind's another thing. i'd like to live near a beach. (tsunami!)

i tag:
karjie, sab, jo ooi, sandra, nyit yi, ka yee, jillian, yee san

what a long post. tomorrow's GB concert so got to sleep now. got a severe back pain... =/

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


one of those days and a tag

i enjoy PJ but not today's. one word - BORING.

badminton didn't start off very well for me. i left GB concert practice early but i was already late for badminton. half walked, half ran down kampar road to the hall alone in my maroon skirt with my school bag, blazer, file, drumsticks and water bottle in hand. what a sight. i even took the risk of not using the overhead bridge. it took 15 minutes instead of the usual 2-minute drive. we take so many things for granted, don't we?

mano's sick. so, no bio tuition tonight. can't wait for steven add math. weird huh?

Tagged by phuiyan.

1. What is your favourite food?
french fries! i'm a penang foodie too.

2. Have you given your first kiss away?
my kisses are only for my mom, dad and family.

3. If you were to be stranded on a desert island, who are the 3 blog buddies you would take with you?
none. why make them suffer with me?

4. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
any nature back-packers haven

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
being horribly good in all the things i can do.

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
DUH. it's science.

7. What are you afraid to lose the most now?
my sanity.

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
nope, i'm shy. unless i know the other feels the same.

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
my school "mother"
she always nags me to drink more water, pay attention etc etc.
sshe can tahan my irresponsible behaviour.
she's a great listener
i blabber a lot under stress.

11. What's the one thing you like about yourself?
that i'm one of the few female drummers in ipoh.

12. Which type of person do you hate the most?
i don't hate, just dislike people who take a long time to process simple info.

13. What is your ambition?
sports physiotherapist.
it has something to do with bio and sports, so, i'm game.

14. If you have fault, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?
tell me!

15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
everything especially sleep.

16. Are you a shopaholic or not?
i only do window shopping. i'm thrifty.

17. Find a word to describe the person who tagged you.

18. What will you do when someone faints in front of you?
mouth-to-mouth? NO.
loosen his/her collar, air him/her.

19. What makes you different?
i am contradictory to myself in many areas.

20. When is your birthday?
17 september = SPM trials

People who I wanna tag:
jo ooi


getting my gears moving

ok. i'm finally back in school. feeling much better but my nose got triggered a lot when i entered the chemistry and physics lab. i felt like an absolute idiot in classes today. so lost!

first badminton club meeting is tomorrow. sigh. so unprepared because i was absent. i made an announcement over the PA system today! my second one in 4 years++. HA-HA. sesat. i guess we'll be doing some footwork which will be lame because no one can actually follow. sweat.

wasted my time at the passage. not one soul came late from the primary school gate. anyway, there were lots of thing that i noticed by doing duty there for the first time...

#1 the roti canai uncle, mr. robert (i think), cuts banana leaves for his putu mayam from the banana trees from over the fence.
#2 primary school girls are often late to assembly because they buy fresh bread from mak cik mariam (?!?!)
#3 the passage stinks but not as bad when it hits 8 am.
#4 teachers come to school VERY much later as compared to us at about 7:30 am.
#5 primary school girls are rather nosy. they're always trying to get a peek at my latecomers' clipboard.

don't und chemistry chap. 2. what, chemical compounds? horribly long names for one compound.

oh yeah, steven the add math guy has accepted me after my school mates played on his guilt conscience. haha. redemption in add math? hopefully.

Monday, April 7, 2008

the fine line

i went to dr. revin's last night for an examination. well, i was fine, nothing serious. he looked amazed when i could tell him what medication i'm taking. ^^ he asked me to come back if i get high fever because it could be dengue.


not now... but i don't think so.

lot's of homework to finish but i'm still resting on my lazy bum. sigh...

if you think we people from science 2 have it easy, you're wrong. in fact, i think it's right for me to believe that we're all at the fine line that separates us from being a nerd and not being one. i think i'm balanced. proof? i want PJ! that Photoshoot Wednesday, i think many of my classmates hated me at that moment and wanted to pulverise me when i insisted that we head down for PJ. they'd rather coop up in that stuffy classroom and do add math! sports is the only thing that keeps me in sane mind (other than blogging). heck, we look carefree, but are we truly? that's all just a facade. teachers compare us to the first class and that's pressure. so, who says we don't have pressure? the word "CAREFREE" only caters to little kids. so, get that mentality that sc2-ers are CAREFREE out of your head. why do you think i'm sick now if we were so CAREFREE?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

greaseless gears

when i'm supposed to be in church for MYF, i'm in front of the comp... sick again.


yup, sick again. it's amazing how i can get well from the puking thing to getting sick again from a flu. life is so beautiful.


missed navin's birthday bash... =( badminton yesterday was... umm... smelly. they were repainting the hall. breathing in the toxic fumes, i dare say that 10 of my nose cells and brain cells die every breath.

ACS won the rotary debate but i would have prefered SMI to win. no offence, ACS-ians. didn't get to go because of karjie who said, "i'm sooo tired." so, i didn't get to see shao wen debate. aih... oh yeah, we might have a study group for form 5's in the church library every sunday morning after BM service. see how it is with shao wen first. then maybe lunch together, band practice, MYF... dunno.

feel like eating a nice big pizza and drinking scalding hot soup, some nice thin potato chips with salsa sauce or hot, crispy french fries with tomato sauce and a cold milkshake...


gotta sleep again. i'm on a dosage of cough mixture and chlorpheniramine. all the sleep-inducing drugs.


Friday, April 4, 2008

foul mood


my life does not revolve around CF alone. one day absent from school and when i'm back, work has no sympathy on me. no recuperating time, no time to get slowly into full gear. honestly, these things are driving me to my grave earlier than it should be. i'm in a pretty foul mood now, so i don't feel like blogging about it now; maybe later.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

back to the daily grind

ok... i'm much better now. can't stay too long here though, i'm going to school tomorrow.

i'm lagging far behind in my schoolwork because of debate and this crazy breakdown so, gotta study super hard now! might be going to watch rotary finals. see first... oh yeah, the reserve debater's name is adlan not adnan. haha. error, error.

i'll be playing drums for the GB concert next saturday although i'm not in GB. mom says i'm so 8. haha. as usual when it comes to these GB things. practice is tomorrow so, mom had this "huh, just got well and you are already running about?" kind of face. but oh well. can't wait to play 'jump around'! haha. gonna be fun. can skip rangers meeting! woohoo!

body breakdown

haih... MGS lost to ACS in rotary. the debaters from ACS were jagrah, krizun, wai keong and mohammad adnan or something like that. ok... not being a sore loser here but our dear mr. secondspeaker of ACS had quite a large ego the size of ipoh. when comments were opened to the members of the floor, i repeat MEMBERS OF THE FLOOR, he still wanted to argue with people several decades older than him. not to mention he had facts wrong about winston churchill. i believe our points were stronger but they had more style and tonnes of sarcasm. heck, it was a friendly debate. don't have to go insult people by saying, "i think my opponents need hearing aids" or "my unfortunate opponents".

while all my friends are at school burning their brains out, i was at home all along sleeping. yesterday, after a hectic series of photo sessions in the sun for the school magazine, some crazy headache attacked my head like a hammer made me feel like puking. thanks to the edi-boarders, they took me to the PR. it was bad. :/ anyway, karjie came and adelyn and anna helped carry my stuff to the car where i slept most of the way uncomfortably. got out of the car and puked... into a plastic bag. :/

mom thinks i'm so exhausted from all the schoolwork, i guess like a physical breakdown from stress gua. so she let me skip BM and bio tuition and even school. argh, BK class gonna start in 5 minutes time! i wonder whether mrs. ting's giving back exam papers... they took class photo today... sad, i won't be in the pic.

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