Wednesday, March 19, 2008

today was a dull day. the choir girls were out of class preparing for the competition. even my deskmate... :( little miss ho chin hui was out too, so, you can imagine how silent the class was. because of that, BM class was so relaxing with tengku hasnah. she kept saying that i am a 'sentimental' kind of person. haha... am i? or am i just dreaming in her class? heard rumours that she's studying psychology... hmm...

almost dropped dead in CCL's chemistry class. sleepy... we did an experiment: heat of precipitation of silver chloride. several of my fingers are stained brown because i touched the silver nitrate (am i right?). i don't even know when i did because it looks like normal water and i was the one who washed up. so, oops.

victoria marching practice was a bit disappointing. we haven't even began "kiri belok". although we threatened to demerit them if they were absent, only 21 of us were present out of 34. sigh... if the number of people in the contingent does not reach 30, we'll be disqualified! we've got only 6 more practices. i'm so worried. it started raining and we were in the bicycle shed when the rain reached its climax. but we ran in the rain across the field to the main building and we were soaking wet! it was cold but somewhat fun. i like playing in the rain. XD big kid.

i pray that tomorrow's practice will have a better turnout. i can't wait for our secret weapon!!!

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