Sunday, March 30, 2008

sports & drama..

as we won in the first round, we'll be meeting our brother school ACS on tuesday. hopefully we will win. ^^

after the debate, glenna came over to my house to finish painting the victoria banner. we did not touch the banner at all. i only drew the ninja turtles on the green cloth with sewing chalk. our theme is NINJA TURTLES. cool... painted the banner till 3:30 am. we ate burgers for breakfast at 3:30 am. glenna was so excited to sleep in my little loft room. XD

the 2007 victoria tagline:

from last placing to second
the 2008 tagline:

sports day was hectic but the marchers marched really well. the crowd was amazed with our kung fu salute. naz who was the mascot wore a food cover with green paper and a samurai sword. we all had green head dresses and wristbands. they were so semangat!!

cavell - crab
victoria - ninja turtles
nightingale - dragon
crosby - pirates

4x100m race for my class A was a mess. i'm the second runner and so i had to walk across the field. we were supposed to be in the first lane but ms komathy told me no, victoria is in the second lane. so okay. but my 1st runner came in the first lane. so by the time i got the baton, i was far behind and i was unable to catch up. when the judges saw that i was in the 2nd lane, they disqualified us. once again, injustice! i'm gonna prove myself in the ipoh international run. 7 km! the last time, i got the 63rd place out of hundreds of participants. so, this year, i must get top 20! ^^

the CF managed to rake up RM 90++ out of the sales of 100 PLUS. however, we only sold several 1.5 litres bottles. we're recycling plastic bottles, aluminium tin cans and paper cups to earn extra income.

the closing ceremony was an exciting one with a lot of noise. the winner for the house marching 2008 is...


*eruption of cheers*

as the commander, i got the privilege to step onto the podium to receive RM 200 for the marchers. XD

however we only got 3rd place overall, with a distance of 1 point between us and n'gale. i'm amazed we won!

i went to watch GREASE just now. the two guys dancing just before the 'comercial' break were really good. karjie dumped me to go with her 'ai ren'. so i joined steven, weng hong, irene, alison, sum and some other people. we just loitered around.

gotta sleep. can't stay awake anymore.

-signing off-

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