Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sports Day WILL Suck

haha... i'm out of class and i'm currently in the library's cyber room. well, i'm not skipping class, i'm here for debate. just finished doing research. tomorrow's the competition! gosh, i'm rather nervous.

today was supposed to be my 800m race. note that it "was supposed to be". what happened? it was not my fault but in fact the teachers. i'm b****y mad. cheah pei teng and i are supposed to run while barathi is the reserve. however, mr. cheang cut out my name and put in barathi's name in the list. what rubbish is that!? i tried explaining but his answer was a "NO". in the end we couldn't find barathi and only pei teng ran. i couldn't bear to see the race either... and i cried. i trained so darn hard and i had waited to participate in this event since i missed it last year. pn lily anita and pn maria saw me and knew about the unfairness. they asked us to protest against it as it was a technical error. i don't know what happened after that. many of my friends supported me although they are from different houses. i believe that in the end, all these protests will have no outcome. even if i didn't win, at least i participated and tried my best for victoria. it's not like they would allow a re-run. i'm downright angry. people say, "oh, it's okay". of course it is to them, because they are NOT in my position and they've probably never was so excited about participating in any race. all the unfairness. and this is my last sports day. now, the only event i have left is 4x100m. but, i'm not a sprinter but a long-distance runner.


BK exams gonna start in an hour's time. i still have Luke 5 - 10 to study. ah, i'm just gonna 'kelentong' in the paper.

victoria marched horribly today although we have trained like mad. gosh, all the shouting for nothing? going crazy over all these things.

today, is a HORRIBLE day.

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