Saturday, March 15, 2008



what does rain mean to you?

even as i sit here keying in, the thunder is rumbling outside. it's just 7:20 pm, but the skies are a greyish blue - a threatening greyish blue. the backdoor neighbour just closed the frosted window panes in preparation for the hail that is to come. just 40 minutes from now would be saturday night service. although a heavy storm is brewing, mom's still preparing to go to church. the wind's blowing into the room. it's a little chilly, too. there's a light pitter-patter of rain drops on the red awnings in the backyard. in a short while's time, it's going to pour heavily. the road in front is going to be filled up with water. the neighbour's dustbins in the front yard will be washed away with the tide. a major jam will begin under the north-south highway bridge, where construction would have to be halted. cars will drive on the road a little slower, cutting through the water on the muddy tar roads. it'll be a cold, cold night.

isn't it troublesome? a noisy night ahead with cold drafts billowing throught the windows. the curtains will fly, casting an eerie shadow upon the walls. the flow of traffic will be halted.

in here, i'm warm. mom's got warm spaghetti sauce in the saucapan and spaghetti on the dining table. the cheese is in the fridge. dinner is ready. under this roof here, i'm well protected from the wet and the cold. but in a short while, i'll be heading to church. i'll be caught in the traffic jam, in the noise of the tapping rain drops and in the cold drafts.

so, back to rain.

in the bible, it says, "when the storm comes...". it does not say, "if the storm comes...". so, in everyone's life, storms do come and they are, of course, a major headache. but, there's a special reason for these storms.

if i were to stay at home with my spaghetti and cheese, i'd never get to experience being in the storm, never get to go through the hardships.

but if i were to go, then i would know what it is like and how to keep going in the storm. accelerate! and in the end, i'd make it to church safely.

equally, if i were to avoid hardships and stay in my comfort zone, i'd never get to be beefed up and grow stronger in God.
but if i were to experience trials and tribulations, then i would know how to overcome them in future and in the end, i'd emerge triumphant.

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