Sunday, March 16, 2008

prayer is not a shopping list

dear God,

it's been an exhausting day. i pray that you'll give me strength for me to face tomorrow. tomorrow, i'm gonna do 1500 m run. so strengthen my legs and my body. just let me do it. GOD, i pray that even as XXX is sick, you will grant XXX a speedy recovery. FATHER GOD, i also want to lift up my studies. i pray that you will help me get that 22A1s and beat that malay guy flat. i pray that i'll get #1 in the form this year so that i can take my prize during hari anugerah cemerlang. i ask that you'll take away that annoying sore throat of mine that makes me sound like a frog... i pray that...


God isn't an online wireless service where you can "add to your cart". yes, of course, prayer is a form of communicating with God. but through the years, from moses's time to the 21st century, prayer has taken a drastic turn from being a communion with God to a shopping list. and i strongly believe that i am one of those "prayer-abusers". however, i m not implementing that we are not to not ask anything from God.

if ever the christian community were to fall (by the grace of God, it wouldn't), then, the only reason that would be valid would be the fact that we are not prayerful enough.

sad to say, from today's sermon by rev. clement peter from st. andrew's prebysterian church, i was hit hard by the fact that we are not praying enough for the MGS CF. the members are not praying enough and neither are we the leaders in the CF are praying enough. certainly, yes, it is undeniable that the CF has grown in numbers by leaps and bounds over the past 2 years. but have we really grown? i daren't say.

do we have the right relationship with God? do we have a "tent of meeting" to meet with God on a regular basis to just seek Him and pray; talk to Him face to face as "a man with his friend"?

since 2008 arrived, the number of CF members grew to an astounding number of around 60. and yes, praise God for that. because of that i believe that satan is not happy at all at this progress. he's been throwing fiery darts at us all. i, particularly, have been feeling absolutely stressed about CF. no qualms about that. i had been at a certain point where i wanted to step down, be a normal member with barely a say in any decision made. till now, i believe i am still considering it. jessica, are you up to it? =)

i believe one major reason for this would be because i never find the time to truly come before God in total reverence. in other words, i don't pray enough. i also believe that the CF does not pray enough. so, i'd like to inculcate this habit of praying and interceding for the CF in everyone, especially the committee members. without prayer, nothing works.

the CF EASTER HARVEST CELEBRATION is slowly making it's way on the 28th of march. we haven't begun planning or whatsoever. easter is a joyous event but planning it does not make me feel joyful. in fact it feels more of a burden. so, once again, it all boils down to prayer. i remember during last year's easter event, we found the time for intercession. but during this year's chinese new year event, we did not intercede as a CF. i believe the results were clearly shown on that day.

so, as a christian individual, we have to maintain a right relationship with God and all this is achieved through prayer alone - prayer, as a communion with God and not a shopping list. i couldn't say how much more important it is to just bask in the presence of the Most High God, spend time with Him and just draw closer to Him day by day. prayer is something really refreshing and i trully can testify about the validity of that statement.

this easter, we are going to intercede like never before.

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