Monday, March 31, 2008

playing in the rain

i heard rumours that victoria might be promoted to second place because of a mix-up! our golden sprinter revathy was supposed to be the sportswoman of class B but they gave it to cavell girl farah. so, YAY!

debate practice was so relaxed today although semis is tomorrow. i really want to win, then can go to finals against SMI most likely. but i heard that ACS is quite good. hopefully our speakers will speak well and i will not have brain block! beh joined us today and both of us were menggila-ing in the library. in the end we didn't get to have any mock debate. haish... i'm worried about my studies. don't und what crap electricity things in physics. physics was nice in form 4 but so abstact in form 5. no more debates for me after this! HELP and taylor's are going to the juniors. so, STUDY!!!

mom's sick. fever and things like that. dad's in langkawi for yet another course. dunno how i'll be going to SMI for rotary tomorrow considering the fact that mom has to handle all the ferrying.

considered changing add math tuition from darren to steven. hopefully he'll still accept me so late in the year. please... i don't really und what darren is teaching. aih.

mom keeps nagging me to get of the internet. sigh.

i wanna play in the rain and run in the field and play badminton like crazy. i'm going nuts already. aiks...

signing off

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  1. hei! i'm aw munyee, if u still remember! hahah!! neways, i just dropped by to say HI!! lolss


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