Friday, March 7, 2008

ok... here i am at home, blogging, while karjie is away at MYC "marathon-ing". i just woke up actually after missing my dinner. that's not unusual for me. :) i was quite mad at her today... sigh.

i went to jusco today just to unwind with mom. then while we were heading to PADINI. puup! the lights went out. interestingly the sound system and some of the lights were still on. then we heard lots of shouts from near baskin robbin's. when some of the lights went on, we went there. guess who was there? it was MCA's ong ka chuan, ir. dr. liew mun hon and some other politician i can't remember. they were diving out stalks of... ROSES?!?! hmph, they didn't give me although i passed the group.

i went home and watched SWEENEY TODD. johnny depp's REAL good. overall, the thing was good in the musical sense but the act of murdering those gus were pretty disgusting. NOT CENSORED!

then... zzz...

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