Saturday, March 22, 2008

monsoon day

even as the flowering season of the raintrees have come to an end, the monsoon season is here!

i'm stuck here at home after dinner, unable to go to the easter celebration. =( so, i've got to study BK. argh... BK exam this thursday. haven't studied much, only Acts 1. sigh...

badminton was alright today. won all my matches. redemption! well, that was because i partnered pit xia who is quite geng. but in half-court singles, i managed to beat chong yik, 15-8. XD

now, i'm worried. i can't attend the marching practices next week. tuesday? tuition. thursday? BK exam. friday? CF easter celebration. we also have to paint the banner. holy cow! we barely have time! aiks...

chin hui switched back to saturday night again. indesicive girl... cis.

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