Thursday, March 13, 2008

lots of homework to do and yet, i can't restrain myself from going online!
chemistry questions, english essay, bm essay, 2 moral tugasan... endless list. woke up early and started homework 1st thing in the morning.

had to go out with my aunt to jusco to pui her jalan-jalan. then we had lunch at kenny roger's. karjie and i ordered lamb. gosh, the lamb must be 51 years old! it was so tough. mom joined us and we walked around from padini concept store to cheetah. went back home and immediately left for AAA for l.c. tan's chemistry tuition.

sat with crazy chin hui. darn bising, this girl. can kill her already. the thursday class is huge! and not to mention, very noisy especially the guys. but due to the large number of people who are emanating heat (exothermic! lol), the room was nicely warm. chemistry can get rather confusing. 2-methylpropan-3-ol... blablabla. VERY confusing. not my cup of tea.


chin hui's "favourite" phrases:

in your SUM (heart) there is SUMone who means SUMthing special to you.

lain di mulut, lain di SUM (hati)


haha, i can't stop teasing her. very cruel, but entertaining.

i might have to pui karjie to the MYC tomorrow because she has to drive there quite late at night to play for the BB camp praise & worship. i'm sesating there. :/ xD

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