Monday, March 17, 2008

a little jest here and there

karjie asked me to go to the ACS play - GREASE. RM10 per ticket. anyone willing to go with me? haha... i'd go unless i've got a friend. but, i feel rather lazy. enough said.

practised 800 m today. it was quite bad. 3:51 minutes.

by being a total nerd during hols, i had not much of a problem getting into full gear today.

my mom's looking for a song to sing for her primary school's choir for hari anugerah cemerlang. we went online together (me handling the computer, of course) and searched for songs. our list was pretty interesting...

HEAL THE WORLD by michael jackson
WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD by louis armstrong
WHERE IS THE LOVE? by black eyed peas
YUE LIANG DAI BIAO WO DE XIN (the moon represents my heart) by teresa teng
PANG YAU (friends) by alan tam
TONG HUA by guang liang
BO GO SHIP DA (OST of 'stairway to heaven') by kim bum soo

we tried singing yue liang dai biao wo de xin with the pinyin and it was so banana! then we also tried pang yau with pinyin. it was much better because it is in cantonese, but, during the chorus, it goes so fast that we can't catch up and we end up laughing. haha...

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