Thursday, March 6, 2008

i just came back from a DAP promotion just in front of macy coffee shop. there were so many people there, i think almost 1000+++... it's possible. anyway, we were just all hoping to see the big man LIM KIT SIANG for ipoh timur. or maybe the taiwanese actor-looking WONG KAH WOH for canning.

so yeah... first there was a man... don't know what's his name... he kept telling jokes about "taxi lou". but everything was in formal cantonese so i could barely make out what he said. then the pengacara came and he crapped some more n canto and he invited an "uncle teh" to come and talk. wow, that guy can REALLY talk to buy time so that lim kit siang and wong kah woh can come. they criticised the government like mad. then there was a mr. gan - a veteran. he talked in simple cantonese, english and malay. he was outstanding. jokes, criticisms, substance. i could actually learn a thing or two about confidence from him so that i can practice it in my debate. he was saying something about supporting DAP. then a lorry honked real loud on the NS highway. he joked, "even the lorry supports us!"

quote mr. gan --> "we don't want a chinese malaysia. we don't want an indian malaysia. we don't want a malay malaysia. we want a malaysian malaysia!" *thunderous applause*

they even showed short video clips of songs etc to us. one "sang" about the current inflation. that was entertaining. :)

anyway, wong kah woh came at last... he was short... and he did NOT look like his poster pics. disappointed, fans? and his voice was NOT man-man kind either. it was sort of typical chinese squeaky man's voice...

guess what? i just found out that marathon madness still has place! i'm darn angry with karjie! maybe she just wants to be alone with her "dear" without the presence of my so-called prying eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bengangnya aku!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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