Sunday, March 9, 2008


yesterday we celebrated jean-li and nyit yi's birthdays at jusco. we ate in pizza hut. nyit yi made my mushroom soup into wu jiu fun thong. i couldn't recognise nyit yi because she pan leng with make up and COLOURED contacts. we went to the bowling alley later and played.

team a: jean, adelyn, jess, me and nyit yi
team b: kim, kai qi, pei qi, shu qi and kay lynn

it was SO fun... kim kept "cursing" our team so that it'll masuk longkang. and really, they did masuk longkang. crazy, kim. we collected the cake and went to the food court to blow candles. kim and i were behaving like kids after that. LOL. she looked like a caveman with her hair untied and messy. haha. it was a fun night. XD

ooo.. tomorrow is centralised training. oh no... i'm so unprepared. i tried to practise for my 800m last thursday and shyte, i could barely tahan. i could only do 2 rounds and i took 1:51 mins. i even played badly during training on saturday that i think mr. lee was disappointed with me. oops. i wonder who is going. i can't wait for the last day's competition tournament. =D

there's something wrong with my blog... i wanna change my skin! =D

i want to bake cookies. XD

can't go out too often. =( have to go to navin's house everyday to practise the debate stuff. sigh... hols are too short.

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