Tuesday, March 4, 2008

hohoho... i've finally got my NEW specs. but i'm not quite used to it so i'm rather dizzy and the ground looks so uneven. i called the shop today and asked whether "ms. lim yi wen's specs are done". the guy thought that i was looking for one of their staff called lim ji mun. LOL.

yeah... piawai. i did better that i'd previously expected especially for chemistry. i managed to get a B3! this is my highest achievement yet! darn happy. even sejarah marks of grade A2 is my highest yet! happy, happy, happy. i like group study. nikki and lavanyah... let's do it again.

oh, wonderful things! i've always wanted to enter the school debate team and i might be finally be able to do so by being what we call a "think tank" for the team. if i manage to get through, all i'll be is a reserve speaker (who actually does not speak) and i'll just give out points, points and points. so yeah, that's good because i can find points to refute others but i'm not eloquent. but must not set my hopes too high because they're really not sure yet. brilliant. GOD has His own ways, doesn't He? XD

oh yeah... i can't go for the marathon madness because they actually set a certain number of BB premiers and wesley-ans. so... i can't go. *sob* aih, i'm SO disappointed... sigh...

who are you voting for? BARISAN NASIONAL or the DEMOCRATIC ACTION PARTY (DAP)?

haha... i'm not eligible. XD

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