Thursday, March 20, 2008

getting dumped is no fun =(

aiks... chin hui has dumped me for siew fong who'll be going to the friday night show. i can't go on friday night because the rotary debate's also on that night. so now, i'll just have to go for the play with karjie and robynne (i think) on saturday. =( chin hui is menggila-ing this few days. cis...

yesterday, we were quite chatty during mano. i sat with adelyn and shao wen. with shao wen of course it'll be noisy. we learnt about transport system in plants. asked a lot of questions and i got to answer a lot of mano's questions. it would be rare if it was last year. because i did that, debbie and nikki started "threatening" me to keep the answers in my heart otherwise they would stab me with a scissors. XD

tonight is the maundy thursday service. i'm on for drums tonight. because it's supposed to be mournful, there are NO praise songs. ALL hymns. ARGH!

got to go to school tomorrow for another debate practice. we, the rotary team, have to debate against the wira team which is so much more experienced than us. it's very tense.

ok... that's all for now. got to prepare for service!

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