Saturday, March 15, 2008

gastric attacks & panic attacks.

gah. gastric attack. i want french fries.

mcD... yum

having the "pre-school syndrome". sigh.

in the end, i didn't need to follow karjie to the MYC anymore. (btw, they were in wesley not MYC)

debate meeting again. wasted several hours there. no teacher's strict eye on us to keep us on track.

walked from navin's house alone to church for a game of ultimate frisbee. as soon as i reached there...

xià yǔ!!!


will be playing drums for good friday service. :/ i guess they'l be playing hymns... that means 3/4 time. oh no...

according to jess, the GB camp theme song is BREAK FREE by hillsong united. that so is crazy hard especially for drummers. i've been doing my "homework" for the past few days because the form 4 asked me to play for the camp. mom thinks i'm 7+1 (nyit yi's version: 7+8. lol) though...

i was putting in full concentration into the rotary debate that i absolutely forgot that the CF easter celebration falls on exactly the same day as the competition. navin said that we'll have to leave school early, but i do not understand why is that necessary when quarantine only starts at about 7 pm. how am i going to explain to pn. tan?

"whenever you're looking at something, there's something you're not looking at."

how true is that.

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