Sunday, March 23, 2008

easter and me


due to my late online gallavanting activity last night, i didn't make it to the easter sunrise service at 6 am. BUT i did make it to the real eater service at 10:30 am. the theme:


the adult's choir performed as usual. they did several chris tomlin songs but it was a non-acoustic version. the acoustic ones sound better, to me. chris tomlin is one of my favourite christian artistes. the lyrics of his songs, spectacular. the songs performed were unfailing love and mighty is the power of the cross. both happen to be 2 songs that i'm quite berkenaan to.

spent the whole afternoon sleeping. don't know why i was so tired. planned to go jogging but the bed and the comforter was too enveloping, so, in the end, i gave in. XD

i guess that i'll be probably missing lessons for the whole week ahead. oh no... tomorrow, we're gonna debate against the wira team again, in front of a whole class! gosh, i'm worried. thank GOD for my ever-helpful deskmate... jeng, jeng, jeng, PHUI YAN! don't know what i'll do without her. gotta buck up if so. BK exam! time is running out. 5 chapters a day to thursday! phew! my eyes are set on ..


-signing off-

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