Wednesday, March 26, 2008

.demerit me.

the heat and pressure is building up. sports day is approaching! CF will be selling 100 PLUS, so don't forget to buy from us. XD it's a fundraiser to buy more christian books and materials for our "one-book" library. also, don't forget to come for the ANNUAL EASTER CELEBRATION this friday! there's gonna be a special presentation too.


the MGS team comprising of krishantini, jessie, kirthana, harmina and joe ee have managed to beat SMI in the wira debate today! congrats, congrats...

busy bumble bee. got to do lots of work for sports day, easter celebration and debate. phew... exhausted. i've just cut half of the easter invitation cards and my right hand is cramp! can't write properly. =(

today was a heart-stopping day because i almost got demerited twice. (!) first was during BM. tengku suddenly started talking about rumusan exercise book. but mine was with me because i was out for debate when they handed it in. fortunately, she just switched topic and began teaching suddenly. phew... then, chemistry. the 4 of us debaters had our practical book with us. CCL took out the horrible PINK BOOK and asked all those who didn't pass up to demerit themselves in the book. fortunately, she excused us debaters! thank God, i still have my 100 points!

sorry, chin hui, but it's confirmed i really can't go... i'm so sad. ='(

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