Saturday, March 22, 2008

day out!

a pretty rainy day was today. well, it is good friday isn't it? the skies turned dark from the third hour to the sixth hour. coincidentally, the skies turned dark around 3 pm today. it always does every year. observe.
woke up early, amazingly. i had to go to school for the debate practice. the school was so empty. there was only the wira and rotary debate teams and the BM debate team. it went on quite well and i was able to speak without stuttering too much. XD
went to church for good friday service. dad's student from college, mei ling, from sarikei joined us. so we were jam-packed in the car like sardines. the youth dance-mime was quite good. good job there!
just wanted to know, is there anyone in general who will be going for the saturday night ACS play? if you are please leave a tag. it's gonna be "sesat time". =(
i might be going to st. peter's tomorrow for the history maker's easter thing. anna asked karjie and i to go but karjie said she didn't want to go. well, her "balak" is not going wor... might have family dinner though. i had lots of fun with anna and gang the last time i went. so, i'm kinda hopeful that mom will allow me to go. =)

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