Monday, March 10, 2008


centralised training was really fun. at the same time i was pretty fearful of the training. especially when i had to play with much better players like the 13-year-old ching hui (i don't know whether this is his name or not because they call each other in their chinese-chinese names). like "kar ling" becomes "jia lin". i could see that he was completely bored. haha.

i ran late this morning, thanks to the road block on the flyover before the state secretariat building. must be because of the change of government since the opposition party won in perak. so i had to do my 10 rounds around 4 courts (thank GOD there was no timed running this time) and 10x10 exercises with sean and some state player guy. don't know his name... yong tim, yong ting or something like that.

breakfast: 1 hard-boiled egg, 1 sausage, 1 coconut bun and 1 packet of chocolate milk.

we did other stretching, shadow and shuttle drills. then... LUNCH BREAK! oh, yeah... i met steven because he came over to get drinks from uncle daniel. he was with benjamin chong. still going to school during hols? tsk, tsk...

lunch: white rice with omelette, chicken and cauliflower, ice-cream float, 2 bananas and 1 bottle of mineral water.

we did some more waarm ups after that. carson and chun leong kept playing around. when mr. lee went to the toilet, they stopped jogging and started walking. some other guys commented, "even walking in parade is much faster than this!" suddenly, the toilet door opened and they panicked and hurriedly started running. however, it was a false alarm because it wasn't even sir who came out of the toilet. haha..

i'm REALLY exhausted but i'm looking forward to tomorrow's game, especially the team tournament. hopefully we get to win again. there are only 3 girls this time, so will joshua be an "it" this time and play in girls' doubles??? i can't wait for tomorrow!

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