Tuesday, March 11, 2008


centralised training is over! *sob* this would probably be my last one ever as i have no more major tournaments in line other than opens. today, i was early! in fact the 2nd to arrive. XD we started with timed running. little boys (me, included) had to only run 5 rounds outside the teerath ram hall as compared to the big guys who had to do 7! my timing was 4:41 mins. well... it was okay. i reached second! ^^

breakfast: macaroni salad (macaroni, potato and apple tossed in mayo), 1 hard-boiled egg, 1 sausage roll and 1 packet of chocolate milk.

training as usual. got mad at jason because he was "gau gau jan". you wanna waste your money, waste it. don't waste other people's money.

then, we were separated into 2 teams for the inter-team tourney.

Captains: kan chun leong & teh zhi liang
haan xi
kelvin foo
duncan chong
mun hon

Captains: james & yong ting
yap sheng han
mun fei
foong yi kuan
seng hoe
keen hui

lunch: white rice with omelette, chicken and 4 fishballs, ice-cream float, watermelon and 1 bottle of mineral water.

we planned our line-up for the matches after lunch. the 2 teams kept challenging one another during the deciding. our group claimed to have a "lee chong wei" (ie. yong ting a.k.a. "superman") while team a claimed to have a "chen jin". all insults were thrown at each team in light humour.

these were the results (winners in orange):
teh zhi liang vs. yong ting
loh vs. sheng han
kelvin vs. keen hui
chun leong & zhi liang vs. yong ting & seng hoe
carson & joshua vs. james & mun fei
duncan & mun hon vs. steven & i
haan xi & jason vs. foong & sean

the last doubles match was the deciding match as the score was brought to 3-3. it went on deuce, deuce, deuce, deuce till 28 or 29 point. it was so "kan cheong"! all of us spectators were jumping when our team brought the score closer to the finishing. chun leong kept challenging and taunting our group only to get tackled by the guys. haha. what a sight! even yong ting kept scratching his head every time the game was brought to a deuce. in the end... the winner was haan xi & jason. no winning for us...

but it was fun though. i played with steven for the first time (i've never met him before anyway) and we lost. kena smash like mad from duncan (it's not duncan YAU if you're wondering). the court's really dusty so i split like... i think twice in the court. ouch... sorry, team! (but it's not like they're ever gonna read this!)

my body's aching like as though i've been beaten up. can't even sit down and get out of bed. but it was fun and worth all the pain (and splits). i'm gonna miss mr. lee's training once i leave!

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