Monday, March 24, 2008

busier than pak lah


BM work book
sejarah notes
add math
bio work book
(endless homework list in general. i missed class today!)
finish studying Acts 4-9
victoria sepanduk

i think this is a list worse than that of Pak Lah's.

what do you do when you are stressed?


yeah yeah.. rubbish. the song saikai story by gackt is my anti-depressant. XD

oh no... now i don't think i can go for the play. all my excitement bubbled up in so many of my posts have just gone pfftt... like a deflated balloon. why? i don't know. i booked but then no more tickets worr... chin hui's gonna murder me. kononnya alone. even if i go, i'll have to get RM 20 tickets which means i will not be able to sit with her also. so no diff.

debate went badly for me today as i stuttered my way through 2 motions. how typical of me. brain drain!

marching was relatively good as the girls could pick up the salute real quickly. attendance was fairly alright.

that's all. gotta get back to my work. just a short break here. gosh... super tired till i'm kinda hyper. :/

-signing off-


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