Wednesday, March 19, 2008

5 more practices to go and then, jeng, jeng, jeng...


that's an "oh, no" because the victoria marching team has yet to complete learning up all the steps. we've got lots of exciting things in store but i can't say it here because the nemesis' of victoria (well, the other houses) might be reading this (!) we haven't learnt up the "kiri belok" which is so important. sigh... i'm getting a tad worried and i am getting quite frustrated. =/ however, the attendance today was so encouraging. 26 people! we just need 4 more people to complete the contingent.

when will the silver nitrate stain go off???

i had my first chance to debate today. the motion for the day:


from the government (BN.. lol):

from the opposition (DAP..):
yi wen

i was very nervous that my heart palpitated that a random thought came to my mind:

am i getting a heart attack?

seriously. looking back, it was silly but funny.

i managed to do several POIs but i was deathly afraid. my speech was quite stuttery. " fair adjusticators... no... my fair and just adjudicators...". halfway, i had to stop for a breather.

the meet up with several CF committee members went fine, just to iron out some "crumples" in the CF. we had it in the canteen. we prayed and interceded right there and then for so many people to see. but we shouldn't be afraid of our faith, right? we're going to have a special prepatory prayer session for 15 minutes before the harvest event. God, listen to our cry! help us bring more people back to You!

anyway, i am going for the ACS play, saturday show with chin hui. haha... aren't we such an odd pair? but we click... ah... XD and we talk in quite a lot of cantonese mixed with english when we are out of school. haha. but cantonese is getting better! banana...

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