Monday, March 31, 2008

playing in the rain

i heard rumours that victoria might be promoted to second place because of a mix-up! our golden sprinter revathy was supposed to be the sportswoman of class B but they gave it to cavell girl farah. so, YAY!

debate practice was so relaxed today although semis is tomorrow. i really want to win, then can go to finals against SMI most likely. but i heard that ACS is quite good. hopefully our speakers will speak well and i will not have brain block! beh joined us today and both of us were menggila-ing in the library. in the end we didn't get to have any mock debate. haish... i'm worried about my studies. don't und what crap electricity things in physics. physics was nice in form 4 but so abstact in form 5. no more debates for me after this! HELP and taylor's are going to the juniors. so, STUDY!!!

mom's sick. fever and things like that. dad's in langkawi for yet another course. dunno how i'll be going to SMI for rotary tomorrow considering the fact that mom has to handle all the ferrying.

considered changing add math tuition from darren to steven. hopefully he'll still accept me so late in the year. please... i don't really und what darren is teaching. aih.

mom keeps nagging me to get of the internet. sigh.

i wanna play in the rain and run in the field and play badminton like crazy. i'm going nuts already. aiks...

signing off

Sunday, March 30, 2008

sports & drama..

as we won in the first round, we'll be meeting our brother school ACS on tuesday. hopefully we will win. ^^

after the debate, glenna came over to my house to finish painting the victoria banner. we did not touch the banner at all. i only drew the ninja turtles on the green cloth with sewing chalk. our theme is NINJA TURTLES. cool... painted the banner till 3:30 am. we ate burgers for breakfast at 3:30 am. glenna was so excited to sleep in my little loft room. XD

the 2007 victoria tagline:

from last placing to second
the 2008 tagline:

sports day was hectic but the marchers marched really well. the crowd was amazed with our kung fu salute. naz who was the mascot wore a food cover with green paper and a samurai sword. we all had green head dresses and wristbands. they were so semangat!!

cavell - crab
victoria - ninja turtles
nightingale - dragon
crosby - pirates

4x100m race for my class A was a mess. i'm the second runner and so i had to walk across the field. we were supposed to be in the first lane but ms komathy told me no, victoria is in the second lane. so okay. but my 1st runner came in the first lane. so by the time i got the baton, i was far behind and i was unable to catch up. when the judges saw that i was in the 2nd lane, they disqualified us. once again, injustice! i'm gonna prove myself in the ipoh international run. 7 km! the last time, i got the 63rd place out of hundreds of participants. so, this year, i must get top 20! ^^

the CF managed to rake up RM 90++ out of the sales of 100 PLUS. however, we only sold several 1.5 litres bottles. we're recycling plastic bottles, aluminium tin cans and paper cups to earn extra income.

the closing ceremony was an exciting one with a lot of noise. the winner for the house marching 2008 is...


*eruption of cheers*

as the commander, i got the privilege to step onto the podium to receive RM 200 for the marchers. XD

however we only got 3rd place overall, with a distance of 1 point between us and n'gale. i'm amazed we won!

i went to watch GREASE just now. the two guys dancing just before the 'comercial' break were really good. karjie dumped me to go with her 'ai ren'. so i joined steven, weng hong, irene, alison, sum and some other people. we just loitered around.

gotta sleep. can't stay awake anymore.

-signing off-

Friday, March 28, 2008



we beat anderson FLAT and now we're gonna meet acs. whooo...

the motion was


Thursday, March 27, 2008

"rose" among the "thorns"?

the only good thing that happened today was that i got news that i am FINALLY and CONFIRMED going to the play. what a confusing thing. go, not going, go, not going.

BK was quite okay but i'm not sure whether i can get an A or even B. philip asked me first thing this afternoon, "yiwen, today exam ah?" waaa!!! he didn't know???

nothing but disrespect

i'm sorry to say that my respect for several teachers in MGS have evaporated.

my eyes hurt from this morning's 'downpour'. sigh. people won't und.

it's over already... don't think about it.
nevermind la..


they never were excited to participate in ANY race anyway.

Sports Day WILL Suck

haha... i'm out of class and i'm currently in the library's cyber room. well, i'm not skipping class, i'm here for debate. just finished doing research. tomorrow's the competition! gosh, i'm rather nervous.

today was supposed to be my 800m race. note that it "was supposed to be". what happened? it was not my fault but in fact the teachers. i'm b****y mad. cheah pei teng and i are supposed to run while barathi is the reserve. however, mr. cheang cut out my name and put in barathi's name in the list. what rubbish is that!? i tried explaining but his answer was a "NO". in the end we couldn't find barathi and only pei teng ran. i couldn't bear to see the race either... and i cried. i trained so darn hard and i had waited to participate in this event since i missed it last year. pn lily anita and pn maria saw me and knew about the unfairness. they asked us to protest against it as it was a technical error. i don't know what happened after that. many of my friends supported me although they are from different houses. i believe that in the end, all these protests will have no outcome. even if i didn't win, at least i participated and tried my best for victoria. it's not like they would allow a re-run. i'm downright angry. people say, "oh, it's okay". of course it is to them, because they are NOT in my position and they've probably never was so excited about participating in any race. all the unfairness. and this is my last sports day. now, the only event i have left is 4x100m. but, i'm not a sprinter but a long-distance runner.


BK exams gonna start in an hour's time. i still have Luke 5 - 10 to study. ah, i'm just gonna 'kelentong' in the paper.

victoria marched horribly today although we have trained like mad. gosh, all the shouting for nothing? going crazy over all these things.

today, is a HORRIBLE day.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

.demerit me.

the heat and pressure is building up. sports day is approaching! CF will be selling 100 PLUS, so don't forget to buy from us. XD it's a fundraiser to buy more christian books and materials for our "one-book" library. also, don't forget to come for the ANNUAL EASTER CELEBRATION this friday! there's gonna be a special presentation too.


the MGS team comprising of krishantini, jessie, kirthana, harmina and joe ee have managed to beat SMI in the wira debate today! congrats, congrats...

busy bumble bee. got to do lots of work for sports day, easter celebration and debate. phew... exhausted. i've just cut half of the easter invitation cards and my right hand is cramp! can't write properly. =(

today was a heart-stopping day because i almost got demerited twice. (!) first was during BM. tengku suddenly started talking about rumusan exercise book. but mine was with me because i was out for debate when they handed it in. fortunately, she just switched topic and began teaching suddenly. phew... then, chemistry. the 4 of us debaters had our practical book with us. CCL took out the horrible PINK BOOK and asked all those who didn't pass up to demerit themselves in the book. fortunately, she excused us debaters! thank God, i still have my 100 points!

sorry, chin hui, but it's confirmed i really can't go... i'm so sad. ='(

Monday, March 24, 2008

busier than pak lah


BM work book
sejarah notes
add math
bio work book
(endless homework list in general. i missed class today!)
finish studying Acts 4-9
victoria sepanduk

i think this is a list worse than that of Pak Lah's.

what do you do when you are stressed?


yeah yeah.. rubbish. the song saikai story by gackt is my anti-depressant. XD

oh no... now i don't think i can go for the play. all my excitement bubbled up in so many of my posts have just gone pfftt... like a deflated balloon. why? i don't know. i booked but then no more tickets worr... chin hui's gonna murder me. kononnya alone. even if i go, i'll have to get RM 20 tickets which means i will not be able to sit with her also. so no diff.

debate went badly for me today as i stuttered my way through 2 motions. how typical of me. brain drain!

marching was relatively good as the girls could pick up the salute real quickly. attendance was fairly alright.

that's all. gotta get back to my work. just a short break here. gosh... super tired till i'm kinda hyper. :/

-signing off-


Sunday, March 23, 2008

easter and me


due to my late online gallavanting activity last night, i didn't make it to the easter sunrise service at 6 am. BUT i did make it to the real eater service at 10:30 am. the theme:


the adult's choir performed as usual. they did several chris tomlin songs but it was a non-acoustic version. the acoustic ones sound better, to me. chris tomlin is one of my favourite christian artistes. the lyrics of his songs, spectacular. the songs performed were unfailing love and mighty is the power of the cross. both happen to be 2 songs that i'm quite berkenaan to.

spent the whole afternoon sleeping. don't know why i was so tired. planned to go jogging but the bed and the comforter was too enveloping, so, in the end, i gave in. XD

i guess that i'll be probably missing lessons for the whole week ahead. oh no... tomorrow, we're gonna debate against the wira team again, in front of a whole class! gosh, i'm worried. thank GOD for my ever-helpful deskmate... jeng, jeng, jeng, PHUI YAN! don't know what i'll do without her. gotta buck up if so. BK exam! time is running out. 5 chapters a day to thursday! phew! my eyes are set on ..


-signing off-

Saturday, March 22, 2008

monsoon day

even as the flowering season of the raintrees have come to an end, the monsoon season is here!

i'm stuck here at home after dinner, unable to go to the easter celebration. =( so, i've got to study BK. argh... BK exam this thursday. haven't studied much, only Acts 1. sigh...

badminton was alright today. won all my matches. redemption! well, that was because i partnered pit xia who is quite geng. but in half-court singles, i managed to beat chong yik, 15-8. XD

now, i'm worried. i can't attend the marching practices next week. tuesday? tuition. thursday? BK exam. friday? CF easter celebration. we also have to paint the banner. holy cow! we barely have time! aiks...

chin hui switched back to saturday night again. indesicive girl... cis.

day out!

a pretty rainy day was today. well, it is good friday isn't it? the skies turned dark from the third hour to the sixth hour. coincidentally, the skies turned dark around 3 pm today. it always does every year. observe.
woke up early, amazingly. i had to go to school for the debate practice. the school was so empty. there was only the wira and rotary debate teams and the BM debate team. it went on quite well and i was able to speak without stuttering too much. XD
went to church for good friday service. dad's student from college, mei ling, from sarikei joined us. so we were jam-packed in the car like sardines. the youth dance-mime was quite good. good job there!
just wanted to know, is there anyone in general who will be going for the saturday night ACS play? if you are please leave a tag. it's gonna be "sesat time". =(
i might be going to st. peter's tomorrow for the history maker's easter thing. anna asked karjie and i to go but karjie said she didn't want to go. well, her "balak" is not going wor... might have family dinner though. i had lots of fun with anna and gang the last time i went. so, i'm kinda hopeful that mom will allow me to go. =)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

getting dumped is no fun =(

aiks... chin hui has dumped me for siew fong who'll be going to the friday night show. i can't go on friday night because the rotary debate's also on that night. so now, i'll just have to go for the play with karjie and robynne (i think) on saturday. =( chin hui is menggila-ing this few days. cis...

yesterday, we were quite chatty during mano. i sat with adelyn and shao wen. with shao wen of course it'll be noisy. we learnt about transport system in plants. asked a lot of questions and i got to answer a lot of mano's questions. it would be rare if it was last year. because i did that, debbie and nikki started "threatening" me to keep the answers in my heart otherwise they would stab me with a scissors. XD

tonight is the maundy thursday service. i'm on for drums tonight. because it's supposed to be mournful, there are NO praise songs. ALL hymns. ARGH!

got to go to school tomorrow for another debate practice. we, the rotary team, have to debate against the wira team which is so much more experienced than us. it's very tense.

ok... that's all for now. got to prepare for service!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

5 more practices to go and then, jeng, jeng, jeng...


that's an "oh, no" because the victoria marching team has yet to complete learning up all the steps. we've got lots of exciting things in store but i can't say it here because the nemesis' of victoria (well, the other houses) might be reading this (!) we haven't learnt up the "kiri belok" which is so important. sigh... i'm getting a tad worried and i am getting quite frustrated. =/ however, the attendance today was so encouraging. 26 people! we just need 4 more people to complete the contingent.

when will the silver nitrate stain go off???

i had my first chance to debate today. the motion for the day:


from the government (BN.. lol):

from the opposition (DAP..):
yi wen

i was very nervous that my heart palpitated that a random thought came to my mind:

am i getting a heart attack?

seriously. looking back, it was silly but funny.

i managed to do several POIs but i was deathly afraid. my speech was quite stuttery. " fair adjusticators... no... my fair and just adjudicators...". halfway, i had to stop for a breather.

the meet up with several CF committee members went fine, just to iron out some "crumples" in the CF. we had it in the canteen. we prayed and interceded right there and then for so many people to see. but we shouldn't be afraid of our faith, right? we're going to have a special prepatory prayer session for 15 minutes before the harvest event. God, listen to our cry! help us bring more people back to You!

anyway, i am going for the ACS play, saturday show with chin hui. haha... aren't we such an odd pair? but we click... ah... XD and we talk in quite a lot of cantonese mixed with english when we are out of school. haha. but cantonese is getting better! banana...
today was a dull day. the choir girls were out of class preparing for the competition. even my deskmate... :( little miss ho chin hui was out too, so, you can imagine how silent the class was. because of that, BM class was so relaxing with tengku hasnah. she kept saying that i am a 'sentimental' kind of person. haha... am i? or am i just dreaming in her class? heard rumours that she's studying psychology... hmm...

almost dropped dead in CCL's chemistry class. sleepy... we did an experiment: heat of precipitation of silver chloride. several of my fingers are stained brown because i touched the silver nitrate (am i right?). i don't even know when i did because it looks like normal water and i was the one who washed up. so, oops.

victoria marching practice was a bit disappointing. we haven't even began "kiri belok". although we threatened to demerit them if they were absent, only 21 of us were present out of 34. sigh... if the number of people in the contingent does not reach 30, we'll be disqualified! we've got only 6 more practices. i'm so worried. it started raining and we were in the bicycle shed when the rain reached its climax. but we ran in the rain across the field to the main building and we were soaking wet! it was cold but somewhat fun. i like playing in the rain. XD big kid.

i pray that tomorrow's practice will have a better turnout. i can't wait for our secret weapon!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

a little jest here and there

karjie asked me to go to the ACS play - GREASE. RM10 per ticket. anyone willing to go with me? haha... i'd go unless i've got a friend. but, i feel rather lazy. enough said.

practised 800 m today. it was quite bad. 3:51 minutes.

by being a total nerd during hols, i had not much of a problem getting into full gear today.

my mom's looking for a song to sing for her primary school's choir for hari anugerah cemerlang. we went online together (me handling the computer, of course) and searched for songs. our list was pretty interesting...

HEAL THE WORLD by michael jackson
WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD by louis armstrong
WHERE IS THE LOVE? by black eyed peas
YUE LIANG DAI BIAO WO DE XIN (the moon represents my heart) by teresa teng
PANG YAU (friends) by alan tam
TONG HUA by guang liang
BO GO SHIP DA (OST of 'stairway to heaven') by kim bum soo

we tried singing yue liang dai biao wo de xin with the pinyin and it was so banana! then we also tried pang yau with pinyin. it was much better because it is in cantonese, but, during the chorus, it goes so fast that we can't catch up and we end up laughing. haha...

to be or not to be?

i'm in a major dilemma. got to get down on my knees and pray hard.

to be or not to be?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

prayer is not a shopping list

dear God,

it's been an exhausting day. i pray that you'll give me strength for me to face tomorrow. tomorrow, i'm gonna do 1500 m run. so strengthen my legs and my body. just let me do it. GOD, i pray that even as XXX is sick, you will grant XXX a speedy recovery. FATHER GOD, i also want to lift up my studies. i pray that you will help me get that 22A1s and beat that malay guy flat. i pray that i'll get #1 in the form this year so that i can take my prize during hari anugerah cemerlang. i ask that you'll take away that annoying sore throat of mine that makes me sound like a frog... i pray that...


God isn't an online wireless service where you can "add to your cart". yes, of course, prayer is a form of communicating with God. but through the years, from moses's time to the 21st century, prayer has taken a drastic turn from being a communion with God to a shopping list. and i strongly believe that i am one of those "prayer-abusers". however, i m not implementing that we are not to not ask anything from God.

if ever the christian community were to fall (by the grace of God, it wouldn't), then, the only reason that would be valid would be the fact that we are not prayerful enough.

sad to say, from today's sermon by rev. clement peter from st. andrew's prebysterian church, i was hit hard by the fact that we are not praying enough for the MGS CF. the members are not praying enough and neither are we the leaders in the CF are praying enough. certainly, yes, it is undeniable that the CF has grown in numbers by leaps and bounds over the past 2 years. but have we really grown? i daren't say.

do we have the right relationship with God? do we have a "tent of meeting" to meet with God on a regular basis to just seek Him and pray; talk to Him face to face as "a man with his friend"?

since 2008 arrived, the number of CF members grew to an astounding number of around 60. and yes, praise God for that. because of that i believe that satan is not happy at all at this progress. he's been throwing fiery darts at us all. i, particularly, have been feeling absolutely stressed about CF. no qualms about that. i had been at a certain point where i wanted to step down, be a normal member with barely a say in any decision made. till now, i believe i am still considering it. jessica, are you up to it? =)

i believe one major reason for this would be because i never find the time to truly come before God in total reverence. in other words, i don't pray enough. i also believe that the CF does not pray enough. so, i'd like to inculcate this habit of praying and interceding for the CF in everyone, especially the committee members. without prayer, nothing works.

the CF EASTER HARVEST CELEBRATION is slowly making it's way on the 28th of march. we haven't begun planning or whatsoever. easter is a joyous event but planning it does not make me feel joyful. in fact it feels more of a burden. so, once again, it all boils down to prayer. i remember during last year's easter event, we found the time for intercession. but during this year's chinese new year event, we did not intercede as a CF. i believe the results were clearly shown on that day.

so, as a christian individual, we have to maintain a right relationship with God and all this is achieved through prayer alone - prayer, as a communion with God and not a shopping list. i couldn't say how much more important it is to just bask in the presence of the Most High God, spend time with Him and just draw closer to Him day by day. prayer is something really refreshing and i trully can testify about the validity of that statement.

this easter, we are going to intercede like never before.

Saturday, March 15, 2008



what does rain mean to you?

even as i sit here keying in, the thunder is rumbling outside. it's just 7:20 pm, but the skies are a greyish blue - a threatening greyish blue. the backdoor neighbour just closed the frosted window panes in preparation for the hail that is to come. just 40 minutes from now would be saturday night service. although a heavy storm is brewing, mom's still preparing to go to church. the wind's blowing into the room. it's a little chilly, too. there's a light pitter-patter of rain drops on the red awnings in the backyard. in a short while's time, it's going to pour heavily. the road in front is going to be filled up with water. the neighbour's dustbins in the front yard will be washed away with the tide. a major jam will begin under the north-south highway bridge, where construction would have to be halted. cars will drive on the road a little slower, cutting through the water on the muddy tar roads. it'll be a cold, cold night.

isn't it troublesome? a noisy night ahead with cold drafts billowing throught the windows. the curtains will fly, casting an eerie shadow upon the walls. the flow of traffic will be halted.

in here, i'm warm. mom's got warm spaghetti sauce in the saucapan and spaghetti on the dining table. the cheese is in the fridge. dinner is ready. under this roof here, i'm well protected from the wet and the cold. but in a short while, i'll be heading to church. i'll be caught in the traffic jam, in the noise of the tapping rain drops and in the cold drafts.

so, back to rain.

in the bible, it says, "when the storm comes...". it does not say, "if the storm comes...". so, in everyone's life, storms do come and they are, of course, a major headache. but, there's a special reason for these storms.

if i were to stay at home with my spaghetti and cheese, i'd never get to experience being in the storm, never get to go through the hardships.

but if i were to go, then i would know what it is like and how to keep going in the storm. accelerate! and in the end, i'd make it to church safely.

equally, if i were to avoid hardships and stay in my comfort zone, i'd never get to be beefed up and grow stronger in God.
but if i were to experience trials and tribulations, then i would know how to overcome them in future and in the end, i'd emerge triumphant.

gastric attacks & panic attacks.

gah. gastric attack. i want french fries.

mcD... yum

having the "pre-school syndrome". sigh.

in the end, i didn't need to follow karjie to the MYC anymore. (btw, they were in wesley not MYC)

debate meeting again. wasted several hours there. no teacher's strict eye on us to keep us on track.

walked from navin's house alone to church for a game of ultimate frisbee. as soon as i reached there...

xià yǔ!!!


will be playing drums for good friday service. :/ i guess they'l be playing hymns... that means 3/4 time. oh no...

according to jess, the GB camp theme song is BREAK FREE by hillsong united. that so is crazy hard especially for drummers. i've been doing my "homework" for the past few days because the form 4 asked me to play for the camp. mom thinks i'm 7+1 (nyit yi's version: 7+8. lol) though...

i was putting in full concentration into the rotary debate that i absolutely forgot that the CF easter celebration falls on exactly the same day as the competition. navin said that we'll have to leave school early, but i do not understand why is that necessary when quarantine only starts at about 7 pm. how am i going to explain to pn. tan?

"whenever you're looking at something, there's something you're not looking at."

how true is that.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

lots of homework to do and yet, i can't restrain myself from going online!
chemistry questions, english essay, bm essay, 2 moral tugasan... endless list. woke up early and started homework 1st thing in the morning.

had to go out with my aunt to jusco to pui her jalan-jalan. then we had lunch at kenny roger's. karjie and i ordered lamb. gosh, the lamb must be 51 years old! it was so tough. mom joined us and we walked around from padini concept store to cheetah. went back home and immediately left for AAA for l.c. tan's chemistry tuition.

sat with crazy chin hui. darn bising, this girl. can kill her already. the thursday class is huge! and not to mention, very noisy especially the guys. but due to the large number of people who are emanating heat (exothermic! lol), the room was nicely warm. chemistry can get rather confusing. 2-methylpropan-3-ol... blablabla. VERY confusing. not my cup of tea.


chin hui's "favourite" phrases:

in your SUM (heart) there is SUMone who means SUMthing special to you.

lain di mulut, lain di SUM (hati)


haha, i can't stop teasing her. very cruel, but entertaining.

i might have to pui karjie to the MYC tomorrow because she has to drive there quite late at night to play for the BB camp praise & worship. i'm sesating there. :/ xD

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

an unhappening day

today was a relatively unhappening day as compared to the past 2 days. woke up pretty late and headed to navinder's house for the debate stuff.

the motion of the day:


we brainstormed on both the propo and then oppo. ate pizza for lunch.

tuition... dinner in the car... tuition. that's all. how unhappening.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


centralised training is over! *sob* this would probably be my last one ever as i have no more major tournaments in line other than opens. today, i was early! in fact the 2nd to arrive. XD we started with timed running. little boys (me, included) had to only run 5 rounds outside the teerath ram hall as compared to the big guys who had to do 7! my timing was 4:41 mins. well... it was okay. i reached second! ^^

breakfast: macaroni salad (macaroni, potato and apple tossed in mayo), 1 hard-boiled egg, 1 sausage roll and 1 packet of chocolate milk.

training as usual. got mad at jason because he was "gau gau jan". you wanna waste your money, waste it. don't waste other people's money.

then, we were separated into 2 teams for the inter-team tourney.

Captains: kan chun leong & teh zhi liang
haan xi
kelvin foo
duncan chong
mun hon

Captains: james & yong ting
yap sheng han
mun fei
foong yi kuan
seng hoe
keen hui

lunch: white rice with omelette, chicken and 4 fishballs, ice-cream float, watermelon and 1 bottle of mineral water.

we planned our line-up for the matches after lunch. the 2 teams kept challenging one another during the deciding. our group claimed to have a "lee chong wei" (ie. yong ting a.k.a. "superman") while team a claimed to have a "chen jin". all insults were thrown at each team in light humour.

these were the results (winners in orange):
teh zhi liang vs. yong ting
loh vs. sheng han
kelvin vs. keen hui
chun leong & zhi liang vs. yong ting & seng hoe
carson & joshua vs. james & mun fei
duncan & mun hon vs. steven & i
haan xi & jason vs. foong & sean

the last doubles match was the deciding match as the score was brought to 3-3. it went on deuce, deuce, deuce, deuce till 28 or 29 point. it was so "kan cheong"! all of us spectators were jumping when our team brought the score closer to the finishing. chun leong kept challenging and taunting our group only to get tackled by the guys. haha. what a sight! even yong ting kept scratching his head every time the game was brought to a deuce. in the end... the winner was haan xi & jason. no winning for us...

but it was fun though. i played with steven for the first time (i've never met him before anyway) and we lost. kena smash like mad from duncan (it's not duncan YAU if you're wondering). the court's really dusty so i split like... i think twice in the court. ouch... sorry, team! (but it's not like they're ever gonna read this!)

my body's aching like as though i've been beaten up. can't even sit down and get out of bed. but it was fun and worth all the pain (and splits). i'm gonna miss mr. lee's training once i leave!

Monday, March 10, 2008


centralised training was really fun. at the same time i was pretty fearful of the training. especially when i had to play with much better players like the 13-year-old ching hui (i don't know whether this is his name or not because they call each other in their chinese-chinese names). like "kar ling" becomes "jia lin". i could see that he was completely bored. haha.

i ran late this morning, thanks to the road block on the flyover before the state secretariat building. must be because of the change of government since the opposition party won in perak. so i had to do my 10 rounds around 4 courts (thank GOD there was no timed running this time) and 10x10 exercises with sean and some state player guy. don't know his name... yong tim, yong ting or something like that.

breakfast: 1 hard-boiled egg, 1 sausage, 1 coconut bun and 1 packet of chocolate milk.

we did other stretching, shadow and shuttle drills. then... LUNCH BREAK! oh, yeah... i met steven because he came over to get drinks from uncle daniel. he was with benjamin chong. still going to school during hols? tsk, tsk...

lunch: white rice with omelette, chicken and cauliflower, ice-cream float, 2 bananas and 1 bottle of mineral water.

we did some more waarm ups after that. carson and chun leong kept playing around. when mr. lee went to the toilet, they stopped jogging and started walking. some other guys commented, "even walking in parade is much faster than this!" suddenly, the toilet door opened and they panicked and hurriedly started running. however, it was a false alarm because it wasn't even sir who came out of the toilet. haha..

i'm REALLY exhausted but i'm looking forward to tomorrow's game, especially the team tournament. hopefully we get to win again. there are only 3 girls this time, so will joshua be an "it" this time and play in girls' doubles??? i can't wait for tomorrow!

Sunday, March 9, 2008


yesterday we celebrated jean-li and nyit yi's birthdays at jusco. we ate in pizza hut. nyit yi made my mushroom soup into wu jiu fun thong. i couldn't recognise nyit yi because she pan leng with make up and COLOURED contacts. we went to the bowling alley later and played.

team a: jean, adelyn, jess, me and nyit yi
team b: kim, kai qi, pei qi, shu qi and kay lynn

it was SO fun... kim kept "cursing" our team so that it'll masuk longkang. and really, they did masuk longkang. crazy, kim. we collected the cake and went to the food court to blow candles. kim and i were behaving like kids after that. LOL. she looked like a caveman with her hair untied and messy. haha. it was a fun night. XD

ooo.. tomorrow is centralised training. oh no... i'm so unprepared. i tried to practise for my 800m last thursday and shyte, i could barely tahan. i could only do 2 rounds and i took 1:51 mins. i even played badly during training on saturday that i think mr. lee was disappointed with me. oops. i wonder who is going. i can't wait for the last day's competition tournament. =D

there's something wrong with my blog... i wanna change my skin! =D

i want to bake cookies. XD

can't go out too often. =( have to go to navin's house everyday to practise the debate stuff. sigh... hols are too short.

Friday, March 7, 2008

ok... here i am at home, blogging, while karjie is away at MYC "marathon-ing". i just woke up actually after missing my dinner. that's not unusual for me. :) i was quite mad at her today... sigh.

i went to jusco today just to unwind with mom. then while we were heading to PADINI. puup! the lights went out. interestingly the sound system and some of the lights were still on. then we heard lots of shouts from near baskin robbin's. when some of the lights went on, we went there. guess who was there? it was MCA's ong ka chuan, ir. dr. liew mun hon and some other politician i can't remember. they were diving out stalks of... ROSES?!?! hmph, they didn't give me although i passed the group.

i went home and watched SWEENEY TODD. johnny depp's REAL good. overall, the thing was good in the musical sense but the act of murdering those gus were pretty disgusting. NOT CENSORED!

then... zzz...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

i just came back from a DAP promotion just in front of macy coffee shop. there were so many people there, i think almost 1000+++... it's possible. anyway, we were just all hoping to see the big man LIM KIT SIANG for ipoh timur. or maybe the taiwanese actor-looking WONG KAH WOH for canning.

so yeah... first there was a man... don't know what's his name... he kept telling jokes about "taxi lou". but everything was in formal cantonese so i could barely make out what he said. then the pengacara came and he crapped some more n canto and he invited an "uncle teh" to come and talk. wow, that guy can REALLY talk to buy time so that lim kit siang and wong kah woh can come. they criticised the government like mad. then there was a mr. gan - a veteran. he talked in simple cantonese, english and malay. he was outstanding. jokes, criticisms, substance. i could actually learn a thing or two about confidence from him so that i can practice it in my debate. he was saying something about supporting DAP. then a lorry honked real loud on the NS highway. he joked, "even the lorry supports us!"

quote mr. gan --> "we don't want a chinese malaysia. we don't want an indian malaysia. we don't want a malay malaysia. we want a malaysian malaysia!" *thunderous applause*

they even showed short video clips of songs etc to us. one "sang" about the current inflation. that was entertaining. :)

anyway, wong kah woh came at last... he was short... and he did NOT look like his poster pics. disappointed, fans? and his voice was NOT man-man kind either. it was sort of typical chinese squeaky man's voice...

guess what? i just found out that marathon madness still has place! i'm darn angry with karjie! maybe she just wants to be alone with her "dear" without the presence of my so-called prying eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bengangnya aku!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i'm just the reserve speaker for the rotary debate on the 28th of march, but who cares? i'm not that very eloquent but i'm gonna be the team's "think tank". haha, cool? i'm really nervous because i'm afraid that in any case of emergency i might have to speak. *shoutscream*

aku sungguh gembira.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

hohoho... i've finally got my NEW specs. but i'm not quite used to it so i'm rather dizzy and the ground looks so uneven. i called the shop today and asked whether "ms. lim yi wen's specs are done". the guy thought that i was looking for one of their staff called lim ji mun. LOL.

yeah... piawai. i did better that i'd previously expected especially for chemistry. i managed to get a B3! this is my highest achievement yet! darn happy. even sejarah marks of grade A2 is my highest yet! happy, happy, happy. i like group study. nikki and lavanyah... let's do it again.

oh, wonderful things! i've always wanted to enter the school debate team and i might be finally be able to do so by being what we call a "think tank" for the team. if i manage to get through, all i'll be is a reserve speaker (who actually does not speak) and i'll just give out points, points and points. so yeah, that's good because i can find points to refute others but i'm not eloquent. but must not set my hopes too high because they're really not sure yet. brilliant. GOD has His own ways, doesn't He? XD

oh yeah... i can't go for the marathon madness because they actually set a certain number of BB premiers and wesley-ans. so... i can't go. *sob* aih, i'm SO disappointed... sigh...

who are you voting for? BARISAN NASIONAL or the DEMOCRATIC ACTION PARTY (DAP)?

haha... i'm not eligible. XD
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