Saturday, February 9, 2008

movie day

yo... i'm back from jusco.

i was kinda expecting it to be a 'tiang lampu' outing but it was okay... in fact i could call it fun.

we met them at the food court.

intros... several familiar faces because they're majority ACS BB boys whom i've seen before. "ah sum", eu wayne, weng hong, steven, kar khan... and some unknown-can't-remember guys. oh, there was chin hui and beh chee mein too. they were all eating but i'd already grabbed a sausage roll before that.

thankfully there were no tiang lampu moments because steven and weng hong made it a point to make me feel welcome. =) watched "meet the spartans". review? funny but disgusting and filled with sexual intonations. no wonder it's an 18 PL. how did i pass? everyone else are form 5s too except karjie and chee mein.

wandered around... shared a chinese honey candy with them. once again i managed to embarass myself. ooh.. before that, chee mein pointed out something to me. it was jess with one whole big gang of people. there were beh, sei mun, shen-ly, kim, jean-li, peiqi, hong, weng yee... err... like i said, one big group. i waved but they didn't see me. =( but yeah, i saw a lot of people... berlina, desmond choo, pay leng, farizana & gang... etc etc...

we walked together to INFINITY. heck, i didn't know why i went. met eugene there... in the end we went back. our group of 16 became 6. karkhan and ah sum left on motorbike. so yeah... ate at the kopitiam in jusco. met philip ding with a bryan there. we ate, ate, ate... chin hui left so it was just karjie, weng hong, wayne, steven and i. settled the bill and we parted. now i've got a new name from wayne... "ah so's ah mui". =.="

anyway, i had lots of fun although karjie thought i looked "out". but it was okay and i wouldn't mind doing it again.

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