Saturday, February 2, 2008

a tribute to the late mrs. ooi
my english teacher when i was in std. 5 has just passed away. her funeral was on thursday i believe. she was 51. apparently, (i heard from some of my friends) she had cancer. it was probably only 2+ years. she was the one who started my spirit of competition in english essay-writing. she wasn't exactly my favourite teacher for i was afraid of her but i respect her for the high standards of her english that she set for us then. she once compared me to my sister to my mother during report card day, saying that i wasn't as bright as her. my mother was downright angry and me very hurt. but it made me strive harder for the best in writing my essays. she made me take up a serious interest in reading, that i actually memorised a whole paragraph of a nancy drew story and used it in my exam. it depicted a scenes and sounds outside her bedroom window when she woke up in some tropical weather place. because of what she said, i guess i just started working a wee bit harder. so even as mrs ooi is gone, i would like to bid my last farewell and thanks to her -
thank you for sowing the seed of love for english in me!
my last installation day just whizzed past... i had lots of fun and i really enjoyed it. we took lots of wacky photos. haha. sigh... no more for me next time... =(
oh yeah! i did the 1500 m run that day... 8 mins 21 secs! wowee! i'm taking part in the 800m race for sports day. hopefully i'll WIN! haha. GO VICTORIA!
oh yessss... the MOCK TRIAL.
the case: the murder of neo and boseyong from the story looking for a rain god by bessie head.
i'lll elaborate on this later...

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