Thursday, February 28, 2008

piawai just started and i had barely studied. throughout the week, i was just concentrating on trying to get well, but till now, even with my dosage of antibiotics finished, i'm still unwell. i have only one piriton tablet and my cold's still there.

i have begun to take on a new perspective on bio since i have decided to take on sports physiotherapy. in fact, i cannot wait for tertiary education! finally being able to study something i enjoy has just lifted my spirits to study harder! i studied bio like mad last night and it paid off. i was able to answer the paper like never before! praise GOD!

sejarah... i was pretty afraid for i had barely touched it yesterday. today, i sat down with nikki, lavanyah and deviyah - a pretty unusual combination but i enjoyed it thoroughly - and we recited the parts on GERAKAN NASIONALISME DI ASIA TENGGARA. it made sejarah so much more fun.

during recess, i saw several familiar faces. it was ms. mindy the ACS badminton teacher. she recognised me, waved and introduced me to several of the ACS students whom i knew were promoting their play GREASE. if i'm not mistaken they were arvin, kah chye and a wai seng.. i think. wai seng said he saw me the other day. hmm? when? it must be during MSSD i guess. then he started promoting GREASE and i went "oh yeah, i know" kind of thing. LOL random-ness.

anyway, i began to recite IMPERIALISME DI ASIA TENGGARA during corridor duty. the form 5 malay girls from the vokasional classes whom i can gel with laughed at me. haha. the 3 prinia stared at me as though it was so weird.

all the papers were relatively easy and i felt "enraged" because i studied! but i could answer the sejarah paper in a breeze so it was okay...

i'm really clumsy too... well, accident prone. i ran into the door frame in class. i'm bruised now. :(

BK class went relatively well too. had no problem reciting the beginning of luke 9 though i barely studied. BK exam on 27 march! covering ACTS 1-9 and LUKE 1-10!

victoria sukantara was cancelled due to the rain. the sukantara will be held on wednesday morning. HOORAY! this means no add math and math for me. it also means our points will be more because all victoria members will be present.

i'll be going for the wesley MYF's MARATHON MADNESS on the 7th and 8th of march. i can't wait. but is there anyone whom i know there? what if kar jie leave me for kar khan? aiks... don't know... we'll see.

announcement #1: the 7th march CF meeting is cancelled because of the elections.
announcement #2: the membership of those who do not pay up your subs and hand up your permission slips for badminton by next tuesday (4/03/08) will be terminated.


sigh... she said keep in touch just before she left. but tepuk sebelah tangan tak akan berbunyi". i'm the one who's clapping.

all in all, it was a relatively fine day. but it could've been better.

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