Wednesday, February 13, 2008

mssd kinta utara 2008

date: 12 february - 15 february 2008
venue: mbi sports complex

ok... mssd began yesterday so i haven't been in school for 2 days.

day 1

i followed my sis to acs. when i reached there, i was greeted by weird stares from students there and smiles and waves from ex-mgs students. waited, waited and waited with the acs team who were playing that day... lee kah seng, ng shi jie, siew hang and chin dibin. well, dibin certainly did not play that day. so, we waited for ms. mindy and then we left - kahseng, shijie and siewhang followed karjie and i in the kancil while dibin followed ms mindy.

in the car, i found out that the girls were not scheduled to play that day! oh gosh... i could be in school... physics, add math... oh no. so we just played badminton the whole day. went back to school for only 1 period then cf committee meeting and victoria marching practice. yup, that's it. so "eventful"...

day 2

once again i followed karjie to acs. only dibin was playing this morning. so only he followed in the car. kahseng and shijie would be playing later in the afternoon.

i had a match scheduled for today. because i've got no winnings in last year's mssd, i've got no by. so yeah... i was up against alfirzamunira from kampung pasir putih. so prob. warm up session. made several mistakes though - service and smashing.. into the net. won with 21-6, 21-7. if i'm not mistaken.

next up. sue chin sun, seri ipoh. i was quite afraid because #1 she got a by, #2 she's the only under-18 representative from her school and #3 i've never seen her before. ok.

"perlawanan nombor 432 di gelanggang 5 antara sue chin sun dari smk seri ipoh dan lim yi wen dari smk perempuan methodist. pengadil, en. XXX"

so i went to the court and she wasn't there yet. teh li yen, my would-be opponent if i won, was in court 4. she said she couldn't wait to play with me. talked about mano's tuition tonight. oh no... she's a state player... then this small-sized, timid looking girl came and yeah, that was chin sun. it was, honestly (and not bragging), a boring game.

serve, reply, smash. serve, reply, net. serve, reply, lob. gone. 21-2. li yen and i could even look and encourage each other to finish up our opponents quickly.

serve, reply, smash. serve, reply, net. serve, reply, lob. gone. 21-2. won. no sweat. left smiling ear to ear.

yup... so i'm playing with li yen tomorrow and it'll spell the end of my chance to ever get a second win in my third and last mssd and even my chance to get the half-colour sports award. sigh... li yen, go easy on me! i don't want to look like i did when i lost SO badly to khoo chee wan of seri intan last year in quarters. nooo... anyhow, i will play my VERY best tomorrow to just prove it to the people who will be there that i am not THAT bad. XD i'm sort of looking forward to that sweaty match.

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