Thursday, February 28, 2008


yeah... updates as i promised...

honestly, i can't really remember my group members. sorry people! but several people i can remember in 23 are :

farah (of course)
yian yian
shu qi
foong yee
siew lynn
kai qi
naz (i think)
yip pui mun

ok... i'm at my brain's limit. i can't remember.

anyway, we went on a hike around the oil palm estate. lenggong seems to be made up sand, sand and sand. i joined the form 3s by accident... i thought we had to follow groups and it just so happened that i was with jean-li and shu qi. we were given numbers so i didn't go to the back with the form 5s. it was fun though, hanging out with different people of different age group. there was kim... bising as always, jean-li, shu qi, pei qi, suhaili...

we came back and did the flying fox. there i could really see the difference between the junior librarians and prefects. what i discovered was their level of maturity. the junior prefects respected us senior by allowing us to "fly" first considering the fact that it is our last year. not only did they respect senior prefects, they also respected the librarians. so yeah... this makes me respect them a lot. THANK YOU, JUNIORS!

i was supposed to "fly" with jean-li, kim and komalah. but due to circumstances, i "flew" with jess, ee xin and glenna. gosh! it was exhilarating! i clung on to the harness for dear life. we went so fast across the perak river and landed in a splash on the bank of a small island in the middle of the river. it was wonderful.

bath time! we had to do open bathing. haha.. hilarious! we bathed with sarongs... XD

makan time and then night games by the form 4s. they did a relatively good job on the games. well done! however, i was so exhausted from the running around. i felt so bangga because i got to solve two cryptic clues in seconds. wakaka..

in the end 23 won the most SEMANGAT group. konon. LOL.

bed time came, but we were to hyped up to sleep. while 23 was partying with the hamper food, pandemonium broke out in the other dorm next door. kay lynn got stung by a bee!

anyway, we ate and ate and talked a lot. amrith, jean-li, glenna, ee xin, siew lynn, shu qi (well, she didn't talk) and lot's of other people. after a while, the group died down to amrith, jean-li, jo ooi and i at about 2 to 3 am. i was extremely hyper though i was on medication (dad told me later that the meds could have a reverse effect too). it died down to jean-li, amrith and i then to jean, kim, siew lynn and i and finally to jean and i when we finally flopped into disturbed slumber at 5:30 am on the floor when people were getting up. LOL.

woke up at 6 am...

did some aerobics. haha. i look like i was tai chi-ing. XD

obstacle course... boring. 130 people at 1 station a time? nuts.

but there was one which was fun. we climbed up a hill in the estate and we did ground abseiling down the hill. i was with jean, kim, yee san and lydia... FUN.

cleaned up... lunch... hanged out with lonely kay lynn who had a temperature as high as a kettle. seriously... "mother"-ered her... LOL. at least i got her to eat lunch and got her temperature to go down.

amrith and i went to chat by the river... but the bus came so we left...

some unpleasant encounter with some people about rubbish that left my blood boiling. #*@!

anyway... the bus trip was relatively quiet... jess and i chatted all the way... it was sorta nice after such a long time...

*i got to spend time with the juniors.
*i got to do the flying fox.
*i was able to see the different masks that certain friends wear.
*i could get together with amrith after ages.
*i got to stay up the whole night.
*i got to know people like kim, jean-li, yee san, siew lynn better.
*it was a wonderful experience.

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